Be My Valentine

Valentine's Day. A day of love and appreciation. It just happened to be Samantha's favorite holiday. The heart decorations, the love notes, the chocolates (yum), and the fact of spending time with the ones you love. She thought it was absolutely perfect...well...almost. If only she could get a boy to a least knows she EXISTS...let alone be her valentine...


3. Smoothie Suprise

 I opened the door to what me and my friends call,"the corner shop."  Why?  Because we all live on the same street, which is pretty decent because instead of calling and asking to come over, we can just march right up to their door and let themselves in with the house keys we have (you can see how close we are).

I scanned the crowd looking for my overly hyper friend.  WHAT A MINUTE.  Crowd?  There is never crowds in here.  NEVER.

Sneha knocked me out of my confusion by waving her hand wildly from across the room.  I smiled and made my way over to her.

"What's with this crowd?" I asked while putting my purse on my chair and sitting down.  "I was thinking the same thing!" she said while taking another quick confused glance and the crowded room.

All of the sudden, when we were just about to get our strawberry mango swirl smoothies, we heard, "OH MY GOD HE'S HERE!!!!!!"  And now the screaming girls were blocking our way from getting our drinks.

And who were "they"?  My curiosity was growing bigger and bigger by the minute, and so was the people. 

Suddenly I saw a small, but manageable opening that we could squeeze through.  I grabbed Sneha's arm and we made a mad dash for it.  Just as we made it through I bumped into a guy in a hoodie and sunglasses on.  

He looked as if he was hiding.  When we collided, his sunglasses popped off revealing sparkling blue eyes and his hood also fell off showing that he had blonde hair.

When the girls noticed him, they started dashing for us.  "RUN!!" he screamed while grabbing my arm and quickly running out of the shop.  We ran until our legs couldn't run any longer and the mysterious boy pulled my into an abandoned alley.

"So...who exactly are you? Why did you bring me here? Why were those girls after you? Why did you pull me away from my friend like that? Now she's going to be worried sick!!" I started firing out at the strange lad in front of me.  

"Shhhhhh..." he said shutting me up and pulling me behind a dumpster.  

I just sat there with my arms crossed over my chest.  "Okay, I can explain." he started.  "The names Niall, Niall Horannnn..." he said it like I should know it already. I just gave him a funny look.  "From One Direction?"  I shook my head.  

He looked hurt and confused.  "Well I'm from a famous band called One Dierction..." Niall gave me a weird look on that part.  "And we came here trying to get away from the crazy fans, what happened in the smoothie shop for example, you know just for Valentine's Day." he continued.  

I suddenly noticed his Irish accent while he was talking.  It was somewhat...charming.

"What about you, love?"  Niall snapped me out of my daze.  "Huh?"  I asked stupidly.  He chuckled.  " I SAIDDD...what's your story?" his eyes sparkled as he spoke.

"Well..." I started.  "My name is Samantha Robinson, but you can call me Sam.  Umm..I have three best friends; Megan the sweet and kind one, Rachael the crazy and funny one, and Sneha the over hiper smiley one, and also she's the one we left behind in the smoothie store."

Niall blushed when I said that.  I smiled back. 


By the time we had exchanged numbers, hugged, and waved goodbye, I had realized that one, we had been talking for like three hours about our lives (it's surprising how much you could get to know somebody hiding behind a dumpster!) and my friends had called me a kazillion time wondering where I was so I was going to have to come up with an explanation, and two, a boy ACTUALLY paid attention to me.

Well it was all worth the trouble and lecturing from my friends because...I think Niall might like me...and I think I might like him.


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