Be My Valentine

Valentine's Day. A day of love and appreciation. It just happened to be Samantha's favorite holiday. The heart decorations, the love notes, the chocolates (yum), and the fact of spending time with the ones you love. She thought it was absolutely perfect...well...almost. If only she could get a boy to a least knows she EXISTS...let alone be her valentine...


5. Ring Ring

(A.N.: omg sorry i haven't posted any new chapters in FOREVER. lol so embarrassing >.< okay so here you go)

Samantha's POV:

"If I'm louder...would you see me?  Would you lay my arms and rescue me..." 

My ringtone that I had assigned for Niall blasted away right next to my ear.  'Why would he wake me up so early?' I thought.

I took a glance at the clock on my night stand.  10:35.  Whoops.  

By now Niall's call had gone to voice mail, and I clicked the screen to listen to it.  

"Uh, hi Sam.  I know this may be still early to you *chuckles* but I was wondering if you wanted to go to that new ice cream parlor later.  Maybe...2?  Okay that's all, and remember to call back as soon as you can.  Bye."  *click*

I grinned.  Ice cream? Totally!  I quickly redialed his number with my answer..


I slowly flattened my sweatshirt out.  It was my favourite one; it was black and in fine print it stated 'Sweet as Sugar'.  It even had a piece of candy logo on the back.  With it I threw on my favourite pair of jeans that fit me perfectly and of course, some mascara and eye shadow.  My hair was in a high ponytail, already prepared for a fall or something else ridiculous that would happen because of how clumsy I am.

I caught a figure coming my way and stood up from the bench I was sitting on.

"Hello, Love."  Just hearing Niall's voice  sent shivers down my back.

He grabbed my hand and I felt colour finding its way to my cheeks.  We walked together to the place that so far, had gotten some good reviews which was good. 

We stepped through the door and the bell on the door let the clerk know he had new customers.  I ordered chocolate chip mint while Niall ordered double fudge.

After we received our treats, and picked a table close to a corner, so fans couldn't see us to well, we both immediately dove into our ice cream, and let me tell you, it was gooooood. 

I looked up at Niall and started hysterically laughing, almost making my ice cream drop.  

The bottom of his face was completely covered in chocolate, making him look like he had a brown beard.  I was dying.

I finally dropped my ice cream and basically crying from laughing so hard.  Niall looked up with his amazing eyes and started chasing me out of the shop.  I felt guilty leaving my mess on the floor, while Niall's spot looked like it was licked clean (probably was), but no way I was going to let him catch me.

I ran so fast.  We finally made it to a park and I soon realized that I was cornered in a miniature forest in the park.

I looked around, looking for an escape, but I soon felt my self being twirled around, now facing a tired out blonde.

He smiled and said, "Gotcha!"  But the thing that surprised me was he leaned in and pushed his plush lips against mine.


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