Be My Valentine

Valentine's Day. A day of love and appreciation. It just happened to be Samantha's favorite holiday. The heart decorations, the love notes, the chocolates (yum), and the fact of spending time with the ones you love. She thought it was absolutely perfect...well...almost. If only she could get a boy to a least knows she EXISTS...let alone be her valentine...


4. Call Me Maybe?

I laid down in my bed remembering the exciting events that happened this afternoon.  I sleepily smiiled remembering the image of Niall.  His crystal blue eyes, his bleached blonde hair which I noticed when we were talking, his accent, his strong arms. 

No wonder all those girls were chasing him.  But why did he exchange numbers with ME?  How did he know maybe I was a psycho in diguise?

I don't know, but I could tell that something in me really caught his eye.

I slowly drifted off into a deep sleep, still thinking about the dreamy boy I had met.


Niall POV

That girl....Sam I met today.  She was...different from all the other girls that I have met.  

Well for starters she's calm, funny, a little weird, and cute.  Did I just say cute?  Yes, because she's all I think about now.  I told the other boys about her and now they can't see me without saying, "SAMMMMMM!!!!"

I laughed to myself.  

I was laying in bed and I looked over to my phone on my night stand.

I grabbed it and started texting Sam.

To: Sammy :D

G'night love.  I will call you tomorrow. Xx

From: Niall

I smiled to myself as i shut off my phone, placing it back on the table and snuggling under the covers.  I fell asleep with the image of the green eyed, chestnut colored hair, freckled cheeks girl in my head.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey guys! I hope you like my book so far! I'm sorry for this short chapter it's just really late and I'm super tired...but I promise SUPER long chapters tomorrow!! Thank you all for reading. xx

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