Be My Valentine

Valentine's Day. A day of love and appreciation. It just happened to be Samantha's favorite holiday. The heart decorations, the love notes, the chocolates (yum), and the fact of spending time with the ones you love. She thought it was absolutely perfect...well...almost. If only she could get a boy to a least knows she EXISTS...let alone be her valentine...


6. Be My Valentine?

Samantha's POV:

My favourite day had finally came.

I was silently sitting on my porch steps, reading one of the books I randomly picked from my bookshelf.  I was in sweats and had my hair up with my black uggs.  Nothing fancy.

I suddenly saw a car pull up and my boyfriend stick his head out.

I ran to him and he took me in a bear hug while spinning me around.  I sniffed in cologne and enjoyed his warmth.

The moment was so perfect.

Suddenly he pulled me in for a kiss and said,"Oh, Sam.  I can't ever live without you, and I'm going to make sure that never happens."  Niall James Horan got down on one knee and asked a question every girl wishes to be asked.  "Samantha Claire Watson...will you marry me?" 

The ring was beautiful, a sparkling circle shaped diamond.  I looked him straight into his deep blue eyes, which i have learned to love so extraordinarily, into my shining green ones, filled with tears. "Yes. Yes! I will!" I cried while wrapping my arms around him once again.

He slipped the ring around my finger and I just started crying all over again. 

"Happy Valentine's Day, babe," he whispered in my ear.


A.N.: aghhh sorry i suddenly cut it so short, i just started to hate the book and it was so off season so i needed to end it...sorry!!  SO, i promise i will write other books and trust me, they will be a WHOLE lot better than this.  so sorry again and bye :) xx


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