He hates me.I don't hate him.He yells at me.I don't yell at him.He 'love's me.But i don't know if I love him...


5. Chapter 4

I Looked at him and quickly jumped to my feet. It felt right, but at the same time it didn't. I shook my head and looked at him.I put on my fake smile. "Are you going to get up?"I said my voice trailing off. He then snapped back into reality and jumped up himself. 


He scratched the back of his head. "Uh, that didn't happen!"He said very quickly. Then he ran back to where the boys were.Well that was harsh, i sighed and walked down to were the boys were.When i got to them i saw Liam tense up a little, now i can never talk to him again because it will be awkward.Just that one kiss made everything different.


I ignored it and followed after Niall because he was staring me down while i was looking at Liam. What if he knows or saw what me and Liam did? I felt nervous.My hands got sweaty.Who knows what he can do to me? My body tensed up and i tried to relax it before Niall saw, oops to late.

"Babe, you okay?"He said stroking my hand.I nodded uneasy.He looked at me and got mad.He gripped my hand tighter.Maybe he was expecting an answer."Yeah i'm fine"I said.His death grip loosened and i felt relived.I thought my hand was going to break.He left me there while going to talk to the boys. I ran my hand through my hair, and looked down. 

I am a complete mess.I have a boyfriend who is abusive, a ex-friend that i kissed , and i technically got raped. I am a failure, i didn't want to grow up like this.Not a dump. I wanted to have a sweet and caring husband. An actual friend for once. But no, i get left with the worst things a person could imagine.

Niall soon came back."Where going now"He whispered harshly in my ear , it made me cringe slightly but he didn't notice."okay"i said.We walked over to the boys. I waved and they waved back and me and Niall left.


"You whore!"He screamed shutting the door behind us.I tensed up. He found out. "I saw what happened, you two-timing bitch!"He said shoving me in his room. He raised his hand to my face and i closed my eyes to be prepared for the worse but he didn't hit me.

I looked up and saw him being held back by, Liam! "What are you doing Niall?!?!"He yelled. Niall got angry and started throwing punches but Liam dodged. "stop"I said softly. They ignored me, still punching. "STOP!" I screamed, yelling at them both. Then they stopped.

"Can you just stop, leave it alone, Niall yeah we did kiss and Liam don't take out all your anger into Niall because i to know what happened between you and Danielle"They straightened up and looked at me sadly. "Niall I think we have to stay away from each other, and Liam i am staying with you" I left Niall there speech less while i grabbed Liam and we got in his car.

He drove away without saying any words. The car soon stopped and i went in his house, i took of my shoes and went towards his room and sat on his bed. I looked at his bed spread. Toy Story. I chuckled and then he walked in.I may not known him for a while but i feel he was the person i can trust.

He sat on the bed with me and i looked at him. "Nichole, has he been doing this since you two started going out?"He said sounding sorry. "Uh, no exactly it happened lets say a month ago."I said looking back down at his bed spread, it became the most interesting thing in the room.

"How come you didn't tell nobody?'He said lifting my head up. I looked right passed him."I couldn't"I whispered. "And why is that?"He said softly. "Because I was always trapped, trapped inside of that some little home of his. I couldn't go anywhere or he would..."I trailed off and looked the other way. "Hit me"I said.Tears now starting sliding down my face remembering all the times i gotten hit by him.

Maybe that's why i'm so scared shit less of touching another boy or making contact with the. He whipped the tears from my face."Don't worry, you can stay here until we get this settled out."He said laying us down."Liam, promise not to tell anybody?"I felt his body tense next to mine.

"Promise."Those were the last words i heard before going into a dreamless sleep.


So do you Like it so far, and thanks for the hearts. I may not be a lot but  i'm glad that some of you bothered to like it. And also read.Thanks xx 

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