He hates me.I don't hate him.He yells at me.I don't yell at him.He 'love's me.But i don't know if I love him...


3. Chapter 3

I woke up to my legs feeling sore.I tried moving them but it hurted.I layed there in the bed replaying last night.Why would he do that?? He never even thought of doing that before.I would much rather take a beating then getting my virginity stolen. I sighed.

The door opened revealing Niall i started to get shaky.What does he want?? I quickly closed my eyes and pretended that i was sleeping.His footsteps got closer to the bed.I let out a fake snore.Then my cheek started to burn.He smacked me.My eyes shot open.

I wanted to yell scream and punch him in the face but i couldn't . I'm to weak against him.I looked at him."Get up bitch"he screamed.I tried moving but my legs wouldn't give in.He sighed.He picked me up and balanced me.He got out some short black short with a pink top and my black converses.

He threw them at me and left. What a nice boyfriend... I manged to make it to the shower.I turned on the hot water and stepped in the bath.It soothed my legs.I washed up and my legs felt some what better.I put on my clothes and looked in the mirror.

My green eyes looked duller than ever.I sighed and there was dark circles under my eyes.I put my hair into a ponytail and added a black bow headband.I walked into the kitchen and Niall sat there eating a bowl of cereal.He ignored me just like the first time he started to hit me.

*flash Back*"Niall"i sing songed jumping on his back.He turned and looked at me and he was angry.He threw me off his back and slapped me in my face.

He never hits me."N-Niall whats wrong"i said touching his shoulder.He looked at me with disgust and hit me in my stomach.

I flew  to the ground tears poking at my eyes trying to fall out i blinked trying to hold them in.He started to talk but i couldn't hear him from the ringing in my ears.

The only words i heard was "You Worthless Slut".

*Flash Back Over* 

I sat on the stool chair wondering why would he hit me that day.I started to eat my pancakes and eggs.I looked at Niall from across the table.He didn't even bother glancing at me.I washed my dish and put it in the cabinet.Might as well start a conversation.

"Niall Why did you hit me that day"i said still looking at the floor not wanting to make eye contact.He answered almost immediatly."What day"he snarled.

I just wanted to punch him.How could he not remember??."That day when i jumped on your back a-and then you just blew up"this time i looked at him.He spit out his cereal.He got up and pushed past me bumping my shoulder.

"You know why?"that was all he said.What did i do?!?! "Come on were going to meet up with the boys"He said before walking out the door.I caught up to him.I closed the house door and hopped in the car.

I looked out the window everything was so bright and sunny.But inside me was all dark stormy and cloudy how could he blame me for his actions.He stopped the car and we walked inside the house.All the boys were sitting on the couch dressed neatly.

I smiled and waved."Hi guys"i said shyly, they waved all there smiles grew bigger when they saw me."So what are we doing today"Louis said Jumping up and down on the couch.I laughed."We could always go to the park"i said.Then something triggered in my brain making me want to cry.

That was were me and Niall met.They all said okay and i put on a slight smile.We hopped back in the car and drove to the park.


Once we got there everyone dashed towards thee swings.I looked all over the park and saw the place where me and Niall met.I sat down on the hill.And touched the grass.It felt prickly towards my skin.Then i saw somebody sit next to me.I looked over and saw Liam.

"hi"i said to him my voice barely below a whisper.He smiled."hi what'cha doin"he said in a sing song voice i laughed and threw my head back."Nothing Much"i said looking at him."Me niether"he made me laugh multiple of times.

"So how are you and Niall"he said.I looked at his face.He looked sad when he said Niall."Good"i lied all the way through..Nothing was good.Nothing was perfect.Everything was wrong."Come on lets roll down the hill"he took my hand and it sent shivers up my arms.I smiled at him.We layed down and started rolling down the hill.

When we got to the bottom we landed on top of eachother.He leaned in and then i leaned in.We kissed i felt everything.All the little details i pulled away and looked at him...

________________________________________________________________________________CLIFFY lol sorry guys just didn't want you guys to get all happy and Shiz but i will be updating maye in like 3 more hours lol.

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