He hates me.I don't hate him.He yells at me.I don't yell at him.He 'love's me.But i don't know if I love him...


2. Chapter 2

Sombody walked into the kitchen.I looked up and saw Harry.I smiled i lifted my hand up to my face and felt powder all over it i sighed."LOUIS"i screamed he looked at me and laughed.I chuckled and the Niall and the rest of the boys came in Niall looked at me and shook his head.

Everyone seemed to be entertained."um can i use your bathroom"i said hopefully just to get away from Niall and his devious glare.They nodded "Up stairs to the left."liam said.I brushed past Niall and ran up stairs.I locked the bathroom door and looked into the mirror the was powder all over my face.

I sighed and turned on the warm water i cupped my hands and threw water on my face.The water made my face sticky and gooey.I washed off the remaining powder and headed back down stairs.All the boys was now sitting on the couch.Just watching TV. They look bored as hell.

I sat down next to Harry and Niall looked at me again.He stood up."Guys i think it's best i be taking Nichole home now, right babe?"he said glancing over to me.I wanted all the world for me to shake my head and say no ut the way he looked at me i nodded my head furiously.

"Yeah i best be going"i said standing up and Giving everyone a hug goodbye. Niall grabbed my hand and yanked me out  side.Once he closed the door he looked at me."Watch when we get home"he growled at me.I started to sweat and feel sticky my palms were sweating.Who knows a what he is gonna do to me.

I hoped in the car this time pulling the seat belt securely around me.The car moved and my grip got tighter like it was my life.I looked out the window and my stomach churned from feeling nervous.The car pulled to a stop and i didn't even want to get out.Niall hopped out of his side of the car and ran over to my side and yanking me out by my arm.

My arfm felt like it was going to fall off from him yanking it!.He pulled me inside and then i dug my heels in the floor trying to stop him from pulling me but it just wouldn't work.He's to strong.I was dragged up stairs were he started to kiss me.i was shocked but i didn't kiss back.I  knew what he was doing.My breath hitched in my throat while he attempted to shove his tounge forcefully in my mouth.


i tried to pull him off of me but he gripped my wrists harder thaan the force he had already put in them.His nails digged into my skin while he undressed me.He took off my shirt and gripped my breasts and than took off the remaining of my clothes.

He took off his clothes and thrusted in and out of my body.He didn't even give me time to adjust.He did it a few more times and pulled out.My body felt so vunerable and limp.He smirked "you'll be expecting this often"he said before walking out the room.i tried to move my legs but they felt so sore.

tears were leaking out of my eyes.He took my virginity.That was the only thing i can say i kept a promise in my life but now it was taken from the worst boyfriend in the world.

i closed my eyes and started to doze off.It's so hard to love somebody knowing they don't feel the same way...


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