He hates me.I don't hate him.He yells at me.I don't yell at him.He 'love's me.But i don't know if I love him...


1. Chapter 1

I walked down the stairs pulling my hair up into a ponytail.I stop at the last step and looked up.I was face to face with Niall.I tried to move out of his way but he wouldn't let me.He grabbed my wrists and flung me down on the steps.I let out a grunt.It didn't hurt because he always does this.I tried getting back up but then he pushed me right back down.

"Whats your problem"i said shoving him out the way."my problem is that we have to go meet my bandmates"he said brushing past me bumping my shoulders.I looked at him. "so.."i said trailing off into the kitchen."Go get ready bitch"he yelled.I ran past him and up the stairs.Why do i always do that? i can act so big and strong one minute but when he yells at me i obey.

I walked into our room and got out some black skinny jeans with a Green top.I put that on and let my hair fall loose and put on my green sandels.I looked around the room.Every where there was pictures of me and Niall. why didn't i tear those down yet?

I walked back down stairs and saw Niall heading out the door.I scrambled up to him and closed the door behind me.We got inside the car and he started to drive.I leaned my head against the windows looking atg all the trees and bushes and watching them swing by fast.They blurred up my vision so i blinked. I lifted my head up from the window and looked at Niall. What happened to him? He was never this Mean in my entire life.


Me and him hopped out the car and headed into a big fancy house.All of a sudden Niall grabbed my hand and it sent little tingles up my arm. Just like the day we met.I smiled this time actually not faking it.He ringed the doorbell and it immediatly opened.I saw a boy with a huge amount of curls with green eyes.

He looked at me and his smile got event wider.And Niall's grip got even tighter.I felt like wimpering but i managed to keep a slight smile on my face.The boy moved aside and let me and Niall in."Guys Niall And his gf is here"the same boy yelled.

I heard stomping and the 3 more boys popped up infront of me.I stepped back."Hello love i am Louis"one boy said.He hugged me and i hugged back."Im Liam"another boy said.I hugged him."and i am Zayn"the last boy said coming up to hug me.We hugged.Then the boy that answered the door came and gave me the biggest hug of all."and i'm Harry"he said whispering in my ear.

It sent shivers down my spine.i looked at him and smiled."hi Guys im Nichole"i said giving off a big grin.These boys seemed nice.They said hello and we all walked into the living room.Louis Jumped in front of me and started to take me away from Niall i looked at him and he looked slightly angry."oh come on you can stay away from Niall a little right."Louis said giving me a small little pleading look.I nodded and he started to cheer up.

He brought me to the kitchen and he took out ingrediants.I looked at him."what are we doing?''i questioned him.He laughed."were going to make cookies."he took out the batter but some how it slipped out of his hand.Oh scattered everywhere on the floor.


This is going to be one Crazy day!


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