Suicide to Horan. <3

Alyssa Heaven's mom died when she was young and ever since her father has abused her... and raped her. Once shes had enough she climbed out of her window and ran to the nearest bridge. She was about to fall when someone pulled her back. Niall. Niall Horan. From One Direction. Alyssa soon gains feelings for Niall and he gains feelings for her. Nothing could go wrong! Unless you have an abusive father...


1. Chapter 1: You saved me?

Alyssa's pov

"But mummy!" I whined. "Alyssa Im sorry hunny but we cant go out for ice cream now we have to pick Mark up from basketball practice." My mom said looked at me turing away from the road. She was the most beautiful woman in the world. She had blonde hair and matching purple eyes like mine. "Fine" I huffed and looked over and the road. "MUMMY LOOK OUT!" I screamed. She quickly turned her head and before I knew it everything was black.

            "Alyssa wake up." I quickly opened my eyes to see my 10 year old brother Mark standing there in his basket ball outfit. "W-wheres mummy?" I said and started to tear up thinking out the car crash. "Please tell me shes okay Markie." "S-s-she didnt make it..." He said and started to cry. I quickly hugged him and also started to cry. "Markie wheres daddy?" "He went to the bar after he found out mum died."

                       I shot up. It was about the millionth time I've had that dream. I looked over at my clock. Its 5. Wheres dad? Its time for my everyday beating. Maybe he forgot. Or hes still at the bar. Or he found some girl to have sex with besides me.

            There was a knock on my door and my dad came in and locked the door behind him. Spoke to soon. "D-dad. Why do you d-do this?" I said starting to tear up before he could even lay a finger on me. "Shut up you slut!" He yelled in my face and slapped me. His breath smelt of liquor like always. He started to punch and kick me. He threw me on the floor. "Daddy please!" I screamed. He continued to kick and punch me. After about thirty minutes he stopped, picked me up, and screamed in my face. "NOW STOP BEING UGLY AND WORTHLESS." Then he threw me back on the ground. He walked out g the door behind him.

            I got up slowly ignoring the pain. I walked into the bathroom. Surprisingly I had no marks on my face. But I had brusies on my legs and arms. I was done with this I couldnt take it anymore. I put my phone in my back pocket and climb out my window. I ran to the nearest bridge. But I guess my dad must of heard my climbing out of my window. "ALYSSA GET BACK HERE." I heard my dad yell. I just kept running. I had to get away. I had to leave. I had to die. I ran until I came across a bridge really high up. I climb it and sat down on the ledge. I was finally going to go this. I've been dreaming of this moment since I was 12. I got out my phone and texted my brother Mark. 'Mark... I've had enough of his bs. Bye I love you </3' I set my phone down and I got up. I slowly took a step forward, I was one step away from having the pain done. I took a small step and started to fall...

         I was yanked back. I opened my eyes to see a beautiful blone young man with blue eyes. He was looking at my confused and with worry in his eyes. "W-why'd you save me?" I asked starting to cry. "Because a beautiful young girl like you shouldnt be trying to commint suicide. Do you know how many people would be sad to know you died?" He said. "No one. Not even my brother would be sad."

                "Come on love." He said and helped me up. "I'll buy you some tea and you can tell me what happened.. Is that okay...?" I nodded slowly. We both started to walk to the nearest starbucks and once we got there he told me to go sit in a booth while he got tea. I went and sat in a booth in the back and looked out the window. My phone buzzed and I looked to see a text from Mark. "I know you're dead by now but please dont!" I quickly texted back. "Dont worry, someone stopped me." And I turned off my phone. The blonde boy came over and handed me my tea. "Thank you." I said quitely. "Your welcome." He responded and sat across from me.

                    "So whats your name love?" "Alyssa. Alyssa Heaven. Whats yours?" I asked. "Niall.Niall Horan." Niall Horan? Where have I heard that before? "Is something wrong love?" He asked worriedly. "No. Its just I've heard the name Niall Horan before..." I said stupidly. He chuckled. "Im from the British-Irish boyband called One Direction." He said and smiled. "Oh yea! The girls in my school always talk about you guys!" I said while pushing a piece of my brown hair out of my eyes. "So do you want to tell me about the whole jumping off the bridge thing?" He asked. I nodded slowly and told him everything.  About my mum, my dad, and school. He came and sat by me. He hugged me. "Love, you're beautiful dont let anyone tell you other wise." I hugged back and smiled slightly. "Thank you." I said quitely.

                We stayed and talked about our lives for the rest of the day. While were getting ready to go, I had my phone in one hand and the rest of my tea in the other, I thought about where I was going to stay. If I went home my dad would kill me literly. I could just stay at a community home or something. "So Im guessing you dont want to got back to your dad..." Niall said and looked at me. "Yea.." "You can stay with me and the lads... we have a guest room" He said shyly. "Yes, I would thank you... But Niall I dont have any clothes, and Im not letting you buy me any." "You could use my sweats as pjs and Im sure Liam and Lou's girlfriends, Dani and El, wouldnt mind lending you some clothes.. Is that okay?" He asked. I slowly nodded and we headed to his flat.


             I hoped you guys enjoyed! Xxx. Alyssa <3


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