Loves A Crazy Thing... (Not Famous 1D Fiction) (Finished)

A Fan Fiction about 4 friends on an adventure in LA but what happens when they meet 5 guys.. This will have love and of course Drama... (Finished)


10. Wedding & A Surprise

~Wedding Day~

Genifer POV

I got into my beautiful white wedding dress.

I had everything done and I was ready.

Alicia POV

Even though I barely know Genifer she let me be a bridesmaid along with Nicki and Alexa. In the corner there was a photo of a girl that said R.I.P I didn't know who she was but I still felt bad that however she was related she had to miss this. "Genifer?" "Yeah?" "Who is that girl in the picture in the corner?" "Thats Abbigail. She was a friend of all our but past in the hospital about a year ago." "Oh i'm sorry it just seemed like I was the only one who didn't know who she was.. Again i'm sorry but how did she pass?" "You should go ask Nicki that..." "Ok"

Nicki POV

"Oh hey Alicia!" "Hey! I was wondering umm how did Abbigail pass?" "Ohh well... My boyfriend Louis is her ex-boyfriend. She caught him kissing another girl and she cut.." "Ohh thats a horrible way to pass because of that." "Well life is crazy and we all miss her..." "I already feel like I knew her..." "Who was the girl Louis kissed?" "Some girl named Eleanor.." "Eleanor? Eleanor Caulder??" "Yeah I think so.." "She was my best friend a few years ago..." "Oh my.... You knew her? She was spending the night the day of the incident but Louis asked her to leave and we haven't heared from her since..." "Did Eleanor know Louis had a girlfriend?" "Yeah..." "She had a boyfriend... I will never trust he ever again but thanks for explaining." "Your welcome! Your a nice person and deserve to know so you should..." "Ok well the wedding is about to start." "Yeah lets go."

~Starting the Wedding~

Liam POV

I saw that beautiful girl walk down the aisle. I love her so much. She then came up and the man said,"Does anyone object this marriage or forever hold your peace." "I do!" said a mysterious girl...

Louis POV

"ITS..ITS ELEANOR..." "It is" said Genifer

Genifer POV

"Who invited you?" "No one but I thought I could stop this little wedding.." "Why would you do this?" "Isn't it obvious?"

Liam POV

"Not real-.." Eleanor kissed me. I immediately pulled back.

Eleanor POV

"Well I still get what I want!"

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