Loves A Crazy Thing... (Not Famous 1D Fiction) (Finished)

A Fan Fiction about 4 friends on an adventure in LA but what happens when they meet 5 guys.. This will have love and of course Drama... (Finished)


12. The Last POV

Abbigail POV

I am an angel now... I saw everything... I love how everything is going. I can't believe Genifer had a picture of me there so I could be there with them. I am VERY OK with Louis and Nicki. I love everyone's relationships with someone. I do miss them all. I wish I was alive to be there in reality. They didn't know I was there but I was and hope one day they will know that. It was dumb for me to cut but at that point I thought I should. Genifer had an amazing dress and so did everyone else. I wish they knew I miss them and that i'm always gonna be there. I don't know how to do all the mumbo-jumbo with all the messages from the dead thing I hope they soon try to find out whats going on with me. I actually died happy... Seeing Louis and Nicki together made me happy. I knew they belong together so i was happy seeing them together. It was just my time to pass that's all I didn't die of jealousy but happiness. I also knew something nobody else did... I sent Alicia to Harry...


Authors Note: Hello Payners this book has came to an end. There might be a book two but i'm not sure. I hope you like this last POV as I thought it would be a good way to end it. If this becomes a little more popular it will make me want to make a book two even more. I have ideas for a book two but as I said i'm not sure on a book two I really loved this fanfiction and hope you did too. :) ~PrincessPayne

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