Loves A Crazy Thing... (Not Famous 1D Fiction) (Finished)

A Fan Fiction about 4 friends on an adventure in LA but what happens when they meet 5 guys.. This will have love and of course Drama... (Finished)


5. Kissing

Abbigail POV

I cut.. I was hurt and had to be in the hospital... Louis picked me up and drove me to the hospital...


I'm in the hospital. I almost killed myself.. Louis asked if I would take him back but I couldn't. He could stay with Eleanor and I still wouldn't care. I hated that boy more than anything...

Louis POV

She hates me... If she wasn't hurt I would probably just say that I will just date Nicki but I couldn't.. I thought I loved Abbigail but i'm not sure anymore... I wonder if I could find out if she was the one... Then I asked,"Sorry but I was just wondering if we can kiss for a spark?"

Abbigail POV

I just said yes... We kissed and...


Louis POV

Nothing... I decided to leave and check on Nicki


"Umm Nicki?" "Yeah?" Gosh she was beautiful. "Umm I was just wondering if maybe would could kiss for you know.. A spark or something?"

Nicki POV

OMG Louis just asked me to kiss him! "Umm i guess" He put his lips to mine it was...


Louis POV

I kissed her... "So how was that?" Nicki asked. "I can't respond because Abbigail cut herself because i kissed Eleanor." "YOU WHAT? How could you do this to my best friend! I can't believe I kissed you. You JERK! I gotta go see her." She left... Great (sarcasm)... I have to go see Eleanor.

Eleanor POV

Louis came in and sat next to me. As I leaned in for a kiss he backed away. "Whats wrong?" "I don't love you also please leave." "What?" "I know you don't love me either we NEVER had a spark." "Ok maybe i just loved you for your looks.." "You never loved me at all!" "Ok maybe I 'Liked' you." "Wow just get out now!" and soon she was gone... Finally!

Nicki POV

I finally found Abbigail. "Louis is a JERK for doing this to you!" "I know and I wanna say two things,you can have Louis and I think i'm dying...

Abbigail POV

Louis came in and then everything went black...

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