Loves A Crazy Thing... (Not Famous 1D Fiction) (Finished)

A Fan Fiction about 4 friends on an adventure in LA but what happens when they meet 5 guys.. This will have love and of course Drama... (Finished)


3. Dates<3

Liam POV

When we were all there it was like we had partners:Alexia and Niall,Abbigail and Louis and Nicki,Zayn and Perrie,and Harry and Genifer my love...

Genifer POV

Harry is so nice! But I feel bad for Liam... I wonder who he likes... Probably not me...

Harry POV

"Ummm Genifer do you wanna like go on a date?"

Genifer POV

I'm shocked... "Yeah of course"

Liam POV

Now this is just awkward...

~Next Night~

"YOU DID WHAT??" "Set up like a huge date,Zayn & Perrie,Niall & Alexia,You & Harry and I think I'm gonna ask Louis and just invite Liam and Nicki!" said Abbigail. "I can't believe you did this!" "Well I like Louis,you like Harry,Niall likes Alexia,and Zayn likes Perrie." "Wow.."


Nicki POV

I can't believe Abbigail asked out Louis! Only Liam and I don't have "partners" and I don't like Liam like that. UGH!

~Even Later~

Harry POV

Me and Genifer are alone.. At least I think we are.. Then i lean up to her when Liam comes up and goes,"HEY GUYS!" I think he likes Genifer... I would expect him to be the bigger person...  

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