Loves A Crazy Thing... (Not Famous 1D Fiction) (Finished)

A Fan Fiction about 4 friends on an adventure in LA but what happens when they meet 5 guys.. This will have love and of course Drama... (Finished)


2. Airport and Off The Plane

Nicki POV

I am psyched for the trip! Maybe I will meet a guy!

Abbigail POV

We are at the airport having a MAJOR boy conversation about what if we meet 4 friends and we fall in love! Ugh but lets just hope Nicki doesn't get in my way!

~Off The Plane~

Alexia POV

OMG We are in LA! And the best part?? We are going shopping!

Genifer POV

We are SHOPPING! We decided to buy dresses (for date purposes LOL). Were walking down the, "OW Watch where your going jerk!". Then I looked into his gorgeous green eyes and fell in love."Uhh hi" I said shyly.

Harry POV

She was beautiful everything about her was amaZAYN. "Uhh hi" she said. "Hi umm I hope you don't mind but whats your name?" "Genifer."

Genifer POV

"Your name?" "Harry" "Well hi Harry this is Nicki,Alexia,and Abbigail." "Well this is Louis,Liam,Niall,and Zayn."

Nicki & Abbigail POV 

Louis is gorgeous I thought...

Louis POV

Wow....Nicki & Abbigail are beautiful

Niall POV

Alexia is just beyond beautiful.

Liam POV

Genifer...Love at first sight but it seems she likes Harry I guess I gotta be the bigger person and back off but man...<3

Harry POV

"Umm wanna all go get pizza" "Sure" they all said.We all drove to the nearest pizza place while Zayn picked up Perrie.


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