Valentines Day with Liam

My day with Liam. What a special valentines day.


1. The best day of my life

It was a regular February 14th morning when suddenly my phone rang. It was not a number programmed into my phone so I let it go to voicemail. Once they left a voicemail I went to listen to it. This is what it said, "Hi Taylor, how are you today? It's Liam Payne. You entered that contest a couple months ago to win a date with me." I pause the message here. I did enter a contest to meet him and go on a date with him. Did I actually win? There's no way. Do you know how many people enter those type of contests? Anyways back to the voicemail, "I know you may think this is fake or no way this can't be happening with all those other people who have entered. Well guess what, today is your lucky day. I'll be by your house to pick you up at ten." Ten? That's in 20 minutes. I have to get ready! But, what if it's all a scam and I'm falling for it. Well if it is I might as well get ready for the day anyways. "I realize that isn't much time, but you don't need to get real dressed up. I'm taking you on a shopping spree to get anything you want. Will you be my valentine? Love you, Liam. P.s. be ready. I'll be there soon." Oh my god this can't be happening. Fifteen minutes later I hear a knock on the door. He's here! So I go to the front door. Sure enough he's here ready to take me on a date. We went to the fanciest restaurant in New York City he could find. How sweet. We order the Valentine's Day special. And enjoy it. That was a nice lunch. Now he takes me on the promised shopping spree. We go to so many stores it's hard to keep track. They say shop 'til you drop. I did this exactly. But, the dates not over. For dinner he takes me to another nice restaurant for dinner. We had a great time. Next, he takes me to a hotel..we got a little hot in there.. What a great day. I spent the night in Liam's hotel room and when I woke up he was so sweet as to make me breakfast. Maybe even the best day of my entire life.
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