Our Lives Together

Isabel and Jessica live in LA together. One day Jenna, Claire, and Mirena their old friends invite them to go meet their boyfriends from 1D and give them exclusive dressing room passes, Jenna is with Niall, Claire with Louis and finally Mirena with Liam. Jessica has a crush on Zayn from the start. And Isabel has already fallen for Harry. What will happen to their lives? How will this affect their privacy and relationships? Plz Read more to find out!!!!!!!


3. There!!!!


Writers POV:   Isabel and Jessica ran into the limo leaving dust in their tracks afraid of being late.  They sat in the limo braging on instagram they we in a limo and seeing 1D.  Jenna said earlier that Zayn and Harry were tired of being alone and told them about Isabel and Jessica they agreed to meet them.  As they approached the 5 mile mark to the concert there was soo much traffic that they sat in 1 place for 30 min and didn't move, but then They approached an off ramp that said VIP cars ONLY, to their surprise they were able to get off on that ramp and made their way to a back entrance covered with paparazzi and yelling fans, when they stepped out all of the fans thought they were 1D and didn't no that they had came 3 days earlier.  The fans were cheering and the paparazzi were snapping pics then Isabel and Jessica stepped out and they were all very disappointed.  The girls were escorted by huge security guards and were being shoved and pushed in every which way.  They went down a large hall that had windows that u could see out of but u cant see inside. It made the long hall way very light and airy.  They walked down and saw many doors until they saw a sign that said 1D dressing room.  They were shoved into the door quickly to avoid attention.  Then when they were inside the dressing room they saw Jenna, Mirena, and Claire sitting next their boyfriends; Niall, Liam, and Louis.  They all were sitting on a large bed in the middle of the room, the room had a projector with all gaming stations.  There was a popcorn machine, and a large buffet table, across the room there was also a large bathroom fully equipped with everything u could think of.  Jenna brought themback to reality by greeting them and giving them hugs.  Its so nice to see u again! jenna exclaimed. Im so happy u could make it!!! How r u How have u been where do u work/go to school.  Jenna flooded us with questions.  Jessica and Isabel introduced themselves to 1d walking over together in one direction.  When they all were sitting on the huge bed talking and catching up, Zayn sat next to Jessica and Harry sat next to Isabel.

JessicaPOV:  When he sat next to me, he sat criss-cross-applesause because now the huge bed was a bit cramped having 5 guys and 5 girls sitting all together, when he sat down next to me it sent chills down my spine and then he started talking to me and asking me questions and relating to almost all of the answers I said back.  He asked if I did a sport or any hobby of some sort and I said gymnastics.  His face was elightened when I said that and he asked how long I had done it and to be truthful I had done it for my entire life and I loved it.  He asked if he could see me do something so I did a front-walk-over I stepped forward into a standing lunge quicky putting my hands down while my legs did a split in the air and the first leg that hit the ground stood still and straight allowing my body to stand up from a bridge position.  He sat back and said wow cool.  I want to learn to do that!! he said.  I laughed as he stood up and tried to do the simple maneuver.  He then landed on his back, fortunately there was a soft carpet to catch him.  He stood up laughing.  I laughed with him, he then asked if he could come to my gym one day to jump on the trampoline.  I said yes.

Zayn's POV:  I wanted to spend more time with her so I asked to go to her gym and jump on the trampoline and luckily she said yes.  I then remembered there was an after concert VIP pool party.  I asked the boys if the new girls could come they looked at me as if I was a love struck monkey..... which I was.  They said itd be fine.  And I asked her and her friend and they both said yes in unison.  Before I knew it, the boys and I were called to stage.  I kissed her gently on the cheek, before I hurried out of the room and she didn't have time to say anything.  I hope it was ok between us cause I really liked her.


Izzy POV:  I saw Harry look over his shoulder to see Zayn kissed Jess on the cheek.  He smiled to himself I could tell.  Then Harry gently leaned in and kissed me lightly on the cheek wanting more.  Then he smiled at me mischeviously and I blew him a carcastic kiss.  I walked over to Jessica Jenna CLaire and Mirena  we all held our hands together in excitement as we started planning our time at the pool party.  They said that I could run into Jess and I's house and grab our swim suits so we could swim at the pool party. 











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