Our Lives Together

Isabel and Jessica live in LA together. One day Jenna, Claire, and Mirena their old friends invite them to go meet their boyfriends from 1D and give them exclusive dressing room passes, Jenna is with Niall, Claire with Louis and finally Mirena with Liam. Jessica has a crush on Zayn from the start. And Isabel has already fallen for Harry. What will happen to their lives? How will this affect their privacy and relationships? Plz Read more to find out!!!!!!!


2. Official Invite

Isabel's POV:  I just got out of the other steamy shower still hearing Jessica's shower going with the hum of water flowing around our house.  I wrapped a towel around myself walking into my room and getting changed into red pants and a cute striped shirt.  I walked back into the bathroom curling and drying my hair as well as putting some makeup on just some eyeliner mascara and eye shadow making my green eyes pop.  I walked down the stairs to the kitchen I was hungery so I decided to make eggs and bacon.  I got out a fairly large pan and turned on the gas stove.  I put the pan onto the flame and sprayed some pam non stick spray into the pan so i could try to turn the eggs and bacon once i put them on.  I opened the packet of bacon laying the bacon and the eggs i just cracked onto the hot pan hearing their satisfying sizzle.  I waited a bit pulling down 2 plates with dif patterns on each of them.  I took off the eggs and bacon with a spatula and tossed them onto the 2 plates for me and Jessica.  I put away all of the other kitchen things and set the plates onto the small table sitting infront of the tv.  I quickly jogged upstairs and yanked my fully charged phone out of its charger and ran back down stair plopping down onto the couch grabbing my plate eagerly finally able to sit down and admire the food I had just cooked.  As soon as I had a good bit of egg on my fork and about to shove it into my mouth my butt began to vibrate, disappointed I put down the plate and fork and pulled my vibrating phone onto my lap reading who it was from, it was from jenna!!! The girl who made seeing 1D all possible she was dating Niall and our other friends, Claire and mirena were dating Louis and Liam while Harry and Zayn were still single.(hopefully not for long hehe)  I said hello and jenna replied," Heyyyyy' in her most Jenna voice. its jenna listen we sent a limo for u so be ready when it comes and youll b escorted to our dressing room by security so don't freak out K byeeeee... OMG I thought we r seeing 1DDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Jessica's POV:  I got out of the long hot shower peering into the mirror seeing my acne covered face damn it!!! I thought to myself.  Y woulnt these little mother fockers go away I fumed wrapping a towel around my akward immature body that my favorite sport gymnastics had sculpted me into.  I walked out getting changed into tight jeans that took me at lleast 5 min to put on I threw on a mint ruffle top shirt to hopefully make a optical illusion of a fuller chest (lol).  I put on some tan high heel tenny shoes that were surprisingly comfy, walked over to my chair where a swim suit, gum wrappers, and my purse sat at and grabbed my purse then hustled down stairs to the smell of eggs and bacon.  Izzy had already ate hers and was frantically pacing back and forth thinking about who we would meet later.  I ignored her pacing and went to the kitchen when Izzy said Jenna. is. sending. us. a. LIMOOO!!!! We hav to be ready for when it comes!!!!!! now hurry upp!!!!!! its hereee   yelled isabel

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