Our Lives Together

Isabel and Jessica live in LA together. One day Jenna, Claire, and Mirena their old friends invite them to go meet their boyfriends from 1D and give them exclusive dressing room passes, Jenna is with Niall, Claire with Louis and finally Mirena with Liam. Jessica has a crush on Zayn from the start. And Isabel has already fallen for Harry. What will happen to their lives? How will this affect their privacy and relationships? Plz Read more to find out!!!!!!!


1. Getting Up

Isabel's POV: 

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and it's bright numbers telling me that it was 5:30am.  I hit it's top stopping the annoying beeps from blasting my ears.  I sat up in my bed with my phone in my lap scrolling down my notifications on instagram.  As soon as I updated my instagram and liked a bunch of photos I put on my purple panda printed slippers still in my pjs and walked out of my room into the long dark hall and turned left to open Jessica's loud bedroom door to wake her up.

Jessica's POV:

I could hear the loud creaking door open as Isabel walked in turning on my very bright lights.  I felt like a vampire or witch scoweling from the light.  She yelled," Get UPPP WE R PROB GOING TO MEET ONE DIRECTION TODAY WITH CLAIRE JENNA AND MIRENA GETT UPP!!!"(they r dating one d)(Claire with Louis Mirena with Liam Jenna with Niall and Harry and Zayn available.)  I stopped scoweling and laid for a second or two while gathering up the courage to throw off all my cozy warm blankets and finally getting up.  I then stepped onto our cold beautiful dark hardwood floor that we just got a month ago.  As soon as I was standing I ran into my bathroom across from my bed.  It has a sink on the right a toilet on the left and a huge glass shower with white and tan tiles, it covered the entire back wall making the other space not to big.  I took off my pjs and undies throwing them across the bathroom into a hamper under the sink I turned on the hot water stepping into the shower huddling in the corner waiting for the water to become hotter.  I washed my hair with extra shampoo and conditioner than I usually use hoping that it would give my hair an extra shine which it didn't. 


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