Love. What is it? It's a swirling adventure filled with joy, and lust. But love with the wrong person could break hearts an relationships and leave you in pain. This is about me. How I met MY true love. My Prince Charming. And I guess you could say I was... Blinded


4. The Break Up

Kent and Libby sitting at a near by KFC fighting. 2 seconds later Libby smacked him... HARD and

later walking away with her entourage of stuck up blondes. Now Kent was all by himself, with a shocked expression. "Hey umm guys-" i started, still staring at him. "Go to him" said Chloe said as if she read my mind, giving me a little push. I walked up to Kent.

"Hey", I said cheerfully. Oh Gawd. He was tearing up. What kind of sick person could do this. "oh.. um Hay Anabel " he said quickly wiping his tears. "Hey whats up" he tried again. "I think I know what you need", i said. I have an idea.

Dairy Queen. The queen of... Dairy. "excuse me i would like 2 super duper goober triple deluxe ice cream sundae.. and extra.. everything!" "OK so that will be... $30.98. Dang! That's expensive. I payed and took the ice cream  I walked up to Kent and handed it to him. "whats this"? "Medicine", i said handing it to him. He took it hesitantly. But soon enough he started gobbling it up. In 2 minutes flat he finished it. "wow you ate that like it was your job!" i said shocked. "Hahaha, thanks!" "It just so happens I'm a professional eater". "Oh really?" i asked. "NO" he said smiling. "i was just kidding". "I'm not that stupid" i said. We burst out laughing. We started talking and laughing like we were old friends. It was like nothing even happened about Libby !"hey Anabel we should hang out" he said. "Definitely!" i said. "Hey i have to go my friends are waiting  You should text me". "Sure!" he said. We exchanged phones and put in our numbers. Bye! i said. Bye bye Anabel!!


I walked over to Micki, Rosie, and Chloe singing this on the way:

(Tune to S&N by Rihanna)


now the blondie named Kent 

was the love of my life and he

asked to hang out and i said

Why not your funny and

Stick and stones may break my bones

but i cant die (cuz i have to hang out with KENT) say it really fast

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