Love. What is it? It's a swirling adventure filled with joy, and lust. But love with the wrong person could break hearts an relationships and leave you in pain. This is about me. How I met MY true love. My Prince Charming. And I guess you could say I was... Blinded



After our shopping spree the gang got in the mystery cooper and drove to my flat. SLEEPOVER! 

I got chips, ice cream, and nutella For our twilight Marathon!! We played Twilight, New moon, and we were about to start Eclipse but Chloe interrupted. "OK, so the girls have a surprise for you!" I started getting suspicious. "Ok so you know how you love One Direction?" started Rosie. "Well it just so happens that theyre coming to town in April" " JUST CUT TO THE BEANS!!" shouted Micki. "HUN WE ARE GONNA MEET ONE DUUUUURRRRRRRRRRECTIONNNN!!!" 





my mind is black




Then I realized what just happened. 

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH i screamed !!! We started jumping around and doing the happy dance. Seriously could this day get any better?


AN*** hey guys im so sorry for the short chapter but its getting better trust me!! I hope you have an AMAZAYN day i love you all (the 3 who liked are my heroes!)

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