Love. What is it? It's a swirling adventure filled with joy, and lust. But love with the wrong person could break hearts an relationships and leave you in pain. This is about me. How I met MY true love. My Prince Charming. And I guess you could say I was... Blinded


2. Kent

Hi my name is Anabel Johanson. I'm 17 years old and live in San Diego. I'm in my senior year in high school and have absolutely no clue what I want in life. I do have a passion for singing an acting but I have been told ill never make it. Surprisingly, I can believe that. I'm just not good enough. But I am a obse- dedicated! Directioner for life! "Baby you got me sick I don't know what I did..." The sound of my alarm clock woke me up. UGH Monday. I finally managed to wake myself up. I washed my face and I put some sweats and a t shirt  Normal Monday wear. My best friend Chloe parked up with her dangerous mini cooper. I laugh and get into the cooper. "Whats so funny" she asks. "oh its just that your car, its so..... DANGEROUS" i said bursting into laughter. "Oh ha ha" she says sarcastically. "But this is a mean lean killing machine"! "Sure" i reply. "Turn on some one direction"!! WHOOOOOOO!

I walk into the jail we call school. I somehow manage to get through all my classes. One more left... Physics with..............KENT. Now don't get me wrong  when I'm not fangirling about harold i do some major crushing on Kent. Hes tall, tan, blonde, kind, mature, romantic, caring, smart, honest, protective, and has rock hard abs. He could be dating he cheerleader. And he is. The snobbiest of them all.  Libby Cox!

I walk into class with a big smile on my face. I see Kent talking to a "nerd" about the homework. Why is he so kind?! I finally grab all my courage and walk up to Kent. Please don't make me look like a total retard i prayed. "Hey Kent" I say. Oh it Ana? he asks unsure. "Close, its Anabel". "Well ANABEL you have a beautiful name". I stared into his dark blue orbs. "OK CLASS FIND YOUR SEATS"! boomed Mr. Harris. "well, I'll see ya around?" Ya! i said breaking out of my trance. Definitely!  Did i just have a moment with Kent Ross??


I could barely focus on whats going on in class. Slowly the hour passed by. 3........2............1.... DING!! We were free!! Finally! Now me and my girls are going SHOPPING!!

"Hey"! shouted Chloe."Hows Kent"? asked Rosie with a devious look. My other friend Micki smiled at me and winked. "Oh just, swell" i played along. "We are currently living in a cottage in a meadow and have a beach house in Florida. But then... i woke up." We all burst into a fit of laughter. "Ok ok.. calm down", said Micki breathing heavily. "To the mall?" TO THE MALL!! we all yelled. The gang got in... or should i say squeezed into Chloes DANGEROUS mini cooper. 


AN- Heyy girlies whats up!! ok so i edited this a bit.. hope u like :) ok so just to be a pretty cool author im gonna say a corny joke at the end of every chapter. so heres the 1st one: What do a blonde and a barn hav in common? They both have cocks inside of them!! hahah i crack myself up!! OK so i want to thank the idk.. 9 of you who have read this so far! This is my first movella so please comment anything to make it a better fangirling experience! LOVE YALL ;)

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