Stole My Heart

Alexandria loves One Direction, and is always day-dreaming about meeting Liam. She knows it is getting close to valentines day, so she decides to go to London on a holiday. She doesn't know it yet, but this would be the Valentines Day she had waited for her whole life.


1. One Shot with Liam Payne

Alexandria Rose Campbella. My name. Out of all the sur-names, it had to be the closest to a can of soup. Oh, but I very well wanted to change it. Someday it would be Payne. She knew it was coming, very very soon

Me- "Of course, I should take a holiday! To London, maybe?"

Yes, I was very fond of London! It reminded me of One Direction. Though, everything reminded me of One Direction. Toy story, quiffs, carrots. Even mentioning a taco would instantly wrap my mind around One Direction!

Me- "Yes, that's definitely the place!"

As I packed my bag I remembered a very important thing. One Direction was visiting London! Oh yes, I am  definitely going!

I arrived in London a few hours later and it was magnificent, as always!But then, I  screamed. Liam Payne. At Nando's. I ran up to him and he turned around.

Liam- "Whoa! I mean- Umm, 'Ello love!"

Me- "You're Liam Pane!"

Liam- "Yes, yes I am! Do you fancy me?"

I blushed and apparently he spotted it because the next thing I knew was we were kissing!

Liam- "Because I know I fancy you."

Me- "But I'm just an average person, walking around."

Liam- "But you are different! What's your name?"

Me- "Alexandria Rose Campella."

Was this really happening?

Liam- "Campella. Maybe someday we can change it to Payne?"

Me- "No way."

Liam- "Someone is a fan! Let's get out of this cold, shall we?"

I nodded and realized that I was dating Liam Payne. Valentine's day was the day I had been waiting for my whole life.


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