O soul

This is a conversation i have with my soul every single morning.


2. Questions and opinion.

Why wont people talk about death? What will come after it? Is this subject really so boring or are we ignorant
of this fact that is facing every one of us? Do you see the air you breathe? do you bealive in it?
How can you bealive in a thing that is unseen? is this real? is this a dream? Where do i go when i sleep? What will come
after my death? Will it be total darkness? Or would it be the truth waiting for me? If i would bealive that there is
something would i lose if there wouldent be? Would i lose if there would be?  This world is corrupted. The devil is running it
chaining us to sin and riding on us like we are horses. We will never succeed with a man made law. If we abandon god
there will be no good. Only moral sickness. Stealing. Intrest.Greed. Sodomy.slaughtry.Rape. Brain washing nations world
wide to go by their laws that allow them to take from us.
Who do you respect more the created or the creator?
Look at this world. Find me a flaw that isint from a man made law.

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