O soul

This is a conversation i have with my soul every single morning.


1. O Soul

O soul. How long your going to keep me begging? "Is it time for a new beginning?" How can you keep suggesting to sin when you know the situation where we are in? Like the one time one you made money mean to me to the point that it became a part of me more important than my own artory. Driven by greed into lottery then sick plottery, but nothing compared to the real head of authority doing all the slaughtery. 

O mind i need you to think never trust you got time till the next blink and let your deeds sink deep down into sin even though GOD is all forgiving. I bet everyone knows that there is a time for living and theres a time to show every deed they where commiting.Would you get pass the questioning? would you get in? or be among the regretting?



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