My love For you :) <3

Its about sharee and her best friend cindy are going to the uk for collage and they bump into niall and harry :) what happens next find out and read :D


1. Excited!! :D

Sharee's Pov: 

My phone started to ring Its was my friend cindy.

'Hello? i said'

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! i hear her scream'

Omg!!! I just got accepted to the university of london!!!!!!!! she yelled 

Omg really thats great!!! i hope i got accepted? 

You should go check to see if u did? 

So i did what she told me to but i was kinda nervous and excited i went to my laptop and checked my email and once i opened it i Got in iwas happy and once i know i found out that cindy was still on the line and i picked up the phone.

'Hello? are u still there cindy??

Yes im here sooooo Did u get accepted???

i lied i said no :/

Omg really?


Why are you laughing because u fall for what i told you ! lol but anyways i did get accepted it!!!!! ahhhh omg i cant believe that were going to university of london!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh 

Cindy Pov:

She scared the cheese out of me i thought she wouldnt make it with out her i would feel sad because i would be the same with out her but i just cant wait until we go to uk and explore every where.

sooo sharee just imagine that we bump into one direction

Omg that will be awesome but i want to meet the most is harry! ilove him! She said

Ohh yeah i forgot that we need to go shopping for new stuff for our new dorms and we need to go over there next week to take a tour of the university.

 Yeah we need to go tommorw morning to find stuff for our dorms! ill call you when we go. soo i better go because i need to go clean the house and go babysitt my sisters kids because shes going to a dinner part. But ill text you though talk to you later! Bye Cindy! Sharee said'

okay bye!!

*Ring* Ring*

i answered in a sleepy vocie 'Hello?

Wake up sleepy head time to get up we need to go to the mall and get ready and can you please pick me up because im to lazy to drive lol

FINE! see you later

7 minutes later*

i go to sharee house i honked the the horn and she came out running and i started to laugh and she said what ?


lets go!!!!!!!

so we been at the mall almost an hour now and we where tired and we went to my place.

Sharee pov:

we had  a long day at the mall and we went to cindys house we decided to watch t.v and we heared that one direction were gonna be at london and me and her started screaming

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! We both said'

5 days past*

we went to the airport to go the university and then we saw screaming fans we look at each other and started smiling big and we saw the 5 boys and once we go in the plane we had first class and we saw them and when i saw that harry and cindy were flirting and i got so mad and once i notice that they exchange numbers and she was smiling big and when we got off we went to our dorms and they been texting like the whole night. she kept on smiling on her phone.

she leaves to go the bathroom and someone was calling her it was harry.


umm is cindy there?? harry said

No shes at the bathroom but ill tell her that you called okay?

yeah sure thanks anyways... he said

awkward moment went but i forgot to tell cindy he called .

Cindy!!!!! your phone is ringing !!!!!!!!! i yelled

ill be right there! cindy had said'

cindy ran*

Hello?' she said

heyy why didnt you called me back?? harry said'

Wait? you called?? she said

yeah didnt sharee tell you? and i just wanna ask you if you wanna go somewhere tonight?and if you do say yes ill pick you up around 7pm ? he said

NO! and i would love to And okay she you then love :) she looked mad and happy and they hanged up and she turned around to me angerily


Well i forgot okay! Well..............i need to go for a walk i walked out and while i was walking i bumped in to harry and he said hey love and what you doing her walking alone ? and nothing just here needed a walk to think about something but what about you what are you doing? i said

Just thinking where to take cindy tonight and i really like her he blush


this is my first movella so i hope you like it ill keep writing chapters though i hope you like it  :) 

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