waldo, youtubers, games and zombies?

it's a supries but i will give you this if this is a dream don't wake me up this is way to much fun! also i need like 3 oc's so yah


4. wait what now?

chapter 3- wait what did I do?


"Wait you mean the guy from Where's waldo? Really?" The others ask.

"Yah I sorta pissed him off..." I trail off.

"Shut up! He's here!" The barrel says. Right then Waldo walks in.

"You! Let me go so I can kick your stupid striped ass!" I yell. I really hate him.


"Now why would I do that?" He asks walking over to me.

"I dunno you tell me," I say back.

"Why are you doing this?" The guys ask interupting the aragument that was about to start.

"Why? Why!? Because people think I'm that stupid book character! I'm not! Then you!" He sneers pointing at me. "Chased me down!" Cue glares at me.

"Duh for a autograph I wanted one from the greatest hider ever!" I say happliy.

"Wait what!?" Everyone minus me yelled.

"Yah I have autographs from all my favourite people except you people," I explain.

"Oh well can't really stop this,"Waldo says.

"Just put the zombie people in walking dead!" I yell.

"But then yuo have to go through the deadly challages I set up for you guys to collect different parts of my machine!" Waldo says.

"Sounds awesome! What games?" I ask while everyone else sweatdrops.

" Mad father, Ib,haunting grounds, conkers bad fur day, bloody trapland, Anmesia, Fragile dreams: farewell crystal fragment of the moon, 4 swords and happy wheels!" Waldo says.

"Really!? What the heck you do realise she's 14 and we died like every time in those games!" Cry says.

"What yu're 14!" Waldo says. How hard is it to belive I'm 14!!!!

"So what game first?" I ask normally. Completely ignoring the question just asked to me.

"Er any of them I guess It doesn't matter.." Waldo says.

"Can you let us Down to disscus it?" Pewds asks.

"Fine," Waldo says pushing the button on the ground. Once we landed I fell over because I suck at standing.

"You ok?" Someone asks.

"Yah just pick a game I'm a resting!" I say.

~ One talk about games later~

"Ok! We are starting with Bloody Trap land!" The sup guy says.

(Oh yah I forgot humanised Stephano looks like well staute mode but you know human size. A humazied sup guy looks cry But white hair.. yah)

         Randomly a hand grabs us and throws us into what appears to be a white blobby thing! It looks like jello. We hit the Jello thinig a bounce up. Once we  came back down we landed on soild pixelated ground. I looked over at the guys to see Pewds with the red fox ears and tail. Cry with the green fox ears, tail and yellowblanket with his boots on. Toby with blue fox ears and blue fox tail and a green stick. Sup guy had white fix ears and tail with purple roller skates. Stephano with gold fox ears and tail with his sword.I checked behind my to see a purple  fox tail swaying and I'm betting I had purple fox ears too. I also had my bag.

         I looked around and saw the guy from before... weird. He had orang fox ears and orange fox tail with his black baseball cap on still.




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