waldo, youtubers, games and zombies?

it's a supries but i will give you this if this is a dream don't wake me up this is way to much fun! also i need like 3 oc's so yah


6. This painting bit me!

Chapter 5 - this painting bit me!

           Ib we're in Ib. Figures we would land here. But so far I haven't seen any one that I was with. So I wandered up to the giant painting. I started at it for a while. Until the lights went out and it said 'come lib' really!? Any ways I read the little part in blue paint that told me to go down stairs.            When I was down stairs at the deep abyss I saw 7 sets of foot prints yes they're okay. But beside the foot prints were long drag marks and blood. I didn't even think I just jumped into the painting. When I jumped in it felt like I was sinking into the sea. When I was through I saw Stephano and pewds arguing over witch direction to go and everyone watching with amused smiles. "Hey," I said and waved a little at them. They stopped watching or arguing and looked at me. "Your ok!" They said. "Yah but what about the drag marks that where on the ground?" I ask. "What are you taking about we've been here for a very long time we have seen nothing," Bec says looking at me weirdly. "But at the top of the painting there are drag marks," I said. "Not that we don't believe you it's just that we didn't see anything.." Pewds said. "Thanks for the great trust," I said sarcastically. "Anyway we need to get going," cry says. "Ok whatever so we should get the roses first. So we head that way," I said pointing toward the hallway with the blue painting. We walked down the hall to where the vase was. There where 8 like their should be. But whose was who's? I picked up a light green one and flicked it. "Ow!" Toby said. So I gave it to Toby. I continued to do that until one rose was left. Then Dave took the last one which was mine because everyone had one. He grabbed it held it above my head. Damn everyone being somewhat taller than me! "Give it back! These roses are your life," pewds said. Dave gave me my rose back. so really quickly. Toby has a light green rose, Bec has a neon orange rose, Cry has a teal one, Pewds has a pink one, Stephano has a gold one, Sup Guy has a white one, dave has a purple one and I have a clear one. We headed in to the room withg the painting of the lady. I picked up the blue key and then she got thte creepy smile and eye thing. The note was still on the wall and the ??? the note said. Ib was right she doesn't knoe some of the words the literally crossed them out in red.
We left that room and went to the other blue door. once i unlocked the door I pick up the ant.
"Your name is phillip ricardo geogre halls the six," I told the ant who just told us about his painting. We walked up to the sign that said ' beware the edges' We walked in the middle of the hallway avoiding the edges. While the hand tried to grab us. we grabed the ants painting which made him smile.       We walked over to the crack in the ground where we put it down. "Can't we just jump over the crack!Pleas we can't kill Phillip ricardo geore halls the six!" I yell.I really didn't want to kill him!  "We have to we can't mess up the game play," Bec says. "But I just named him!" I yell back. They look back at me then they sighed and gave me the 'If you love something set them free" Or in this case let them die speech. "Really I mean come on it not even that big! Also do you really think any of our weight will be supported on that?" I say giving them a questioning look. They looked at me then thought over what I said.      Once again I was thrown over something dangerous. I walked in to the room with the lady thing. I grabed the key and she started chasing me. I ran up to the painting I moverd it. She came up behind me and I ducked then flipped her into the crack. I smiled as she crashed into the ground. "Told you the ant didn't have to die!" I yelled. They looked at we with 'WTF' looks.I grabed the painting and put it on the wall the put Phillip ricardo geore halls the six on the ground. "Ok let's keep giong," Sup guy says. "Hey does anyone wonder if Waldo is actually helping us?" Pewds asks. "Nope!" Dave says.   ~at the Waldo place~   "You enjoy watching them suffer don't you?" The barrel asks. "You don't even know," Waldo replies back smirking at the moniters that he looked at. "Wanna add more chanages?" "Yup release the robots!" "Sure," "Perfect!" Last thing you could see would be the Identical smirks on their faces.   ~With us~   "Guys Let's stop for A while the save point is right here!" I said. Stephano signed his name.       We were Teleported to the resting room. Where everyone crashed and went to sleep.   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX That's all peeps sorry it's short.... that's all I still need 2 oc's check earlier chp for in fo and thats all!
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