waldo, youtubers, games and zombies?

it's a supries but i will give you this if this is a dream don't wake me up this is way to much fun! also i need like 3 oc's so yah


2. so who's cooking?

chapter 1- so who's cooking?


           I started to wake up to the smell of something burning.

"Put it out! Oh nno it's spreding!" Screamed someone. I got up from a couch? What last thing I remember was Waldo throwing a knife at me then that's it. So someone must have brought me here. So kidnapping in a zombie apocolyps great just great.I checked my side to see a red stained bandage arond my side. So I walk slowly to where I see smoke coming from.

"Shit do something it's getting bigger!" Screamed a voice. "Hello no arms!" yelled someone.


             Once i was in the room i saw a fire on the stove top and three people well really two people and the sup guy. I just grab a bowl that was sitting there and filled it up with water. I then threw the water on the fire.The fire was out and they stoped yelling.

"Er hi?" I ask said at them.

"Thanks for putting that out these idiots couldn't firgure out how to!" the sup guy said glaring at them.

" Ok then well I'm oh wait stranger danger!" I scream going as fast as i can away from them which in reality is jogging speed because I don't want to make my cut bleed to much.

"Wait! We're not strange!" One of them screams.

"Yah I'm pretty sure youtubers are strange!" I yell back.

"Get back here!" the sup guy yells. I then hear running. i then hide under the couch that I was laying on earlier.


"Dude whicth way?" I heard one say.

"She is under the couch," I hear the sup guy say.

" K! Come out or we'll drag you out," Both of them say. 

" I don't want to," I say.

"Fine but we did warn you!~" They say then I feel them grab my ankels and drag me out.

"Hey," I say waving at them.

"Okay so I'm-"

"PewDiePie and Cry right? Also the sup guy," I ask them.

"Yeah how did you know that?"They ask.

"Well evey one sees PewDiePie's face on youtube and the mask kind gives you away Cry," I state simply.

"Okay so you know us," PewDie Pie starts.

"Now who are you?"Cry finishs.

" I am me," I say.

"Tell us!" They start yelling.

"Fine just be quiet!" I scream. See I don't like most loud noises.

"I'm Liberty," I say.

"Ok! So now who's cooking?" The sup guy asks.

"Err can you cok?" they ask.

"Yah," I awnser.

"Ok your coking because i don't want to and pewd's almost burned down the kitchen!" Cry says dragging me to the soot covered kitchen.


"Ok?" I replie. "What do I make?" I ask.

"Can you make spaghetti?" They asked.

"Yup!" I say getting up.

"Ok we will be back in a hour we are going to get some weapons a food also some clothes." They say running out the door.

"Ok?" I say. I then clean up the kitchen and start to boil water.


~Time skip brought to you by dust we're everywhere!~


              There was knocking on the door. So I got up and awnserd it. Once opened the door i saw Tobuscus?

"Hi! Can I come in?" He asks.

"Yup come right on in looking for the guys?" I ask.

"Yup! Wait how did you know?" He asks.

" I talked to them.." I explained. I then walked into the kitchen so finish the food. Once the foood was done i put out 5 plates for everyone. As if they knew the food was ready the other 3 burst in.

"We're back!" They yell.

"The food is done! Also Toby appered!" I yell. In less then 10 seconds they were at the non soot covered table eating. I sat down at the end of the table.

"So how old are you?" The sup guy asks. Soon eveyones heads turn to me.

"I just turned 14 3 weeks ago," I say.

"Oh," they all say. They look at the clock then at me.

"Time for bed!" Pedws says.

"Why?" I ask.

"It's 1: 52 a.m." Cry replies.

"But I'm not tired!" I say.

"Doesn't matter go!" Toby says.

"But I'm 14!" I say

"So your still a kid," They say

"No! I'm not," I yell.

"You may not be a kid but you are the youngest so go to bed!" They yell. It's like they're my parents or something.

"But that's unfair i was just asleep 2 hours ago!"I protest.

"True. But still that's not an exuse! You need to go to sleep!" They yell.

"What about you guys!?" i ask. They look really tired.

"That's not important no go!" They yell. I turn around and go to the couch I woke up on. In a couple of minutes I was out,

~ with the guys~

"It's hard to be a parent," Cry says.

"Yah but we aren't even her parents," Toby says.

"Hey maybe after we sleep we can go find her parents!" Pewds suggests.

"Yah but first sleep!" the sup guy says.They all agree the head upstairs to different rooms.


And done! also for the oc thing here is the form!




Relasionships with the others:




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