waldo, youtubers, games and zombies?

it's a supries but i will give you this if this is a dream don't wake me up this is way to much fun! also i need like 3 oc's so yah


5. How to play a game!


Oc! i got one yes!!!!

Chapter 4 - how to play a game!

"Hey person over there what's up?" I yell to the guy that we meet a while ago you know when the zombies were actually the plot but hey my brain changed meh. 

"Oh it's you," He says rubbbing his head.

"Yah it's me so what's your name?" i ask.

"Not important. What's your name?" He asks.

"I'm Li-"

"Stop telling people your informantion! You never know he could be a rapest!" Toby says to me.

"Do I look like a rapest to you?" He asks. I open my mouth to say yes because come on I know nothing about him! "Never mind!" He says before I get the words out.

"So what's your name?" Sup guy asks. The boy's tail twitched.

"Tell me your's first," He said back. More silence then thump! hey it must be the oc! I mean another person.

We looked over to where the thump was heard. It was a girl yes! She landed on the brofist... that will be complicated to get her down from. she was sorta on the short side and she has short blue hair that's all I could see because of the fact she face planted into the bro fist .... hard. But Toby must have know her because he ran over to the bro fist. We joined him but I looked behind me a trait I picked up from movies and saw them. They zombies and they be charging for us and they were at walking speed damn it!

" Guys we best hurry we have some undead company!" I yelled at they. They turned around and saw them getting closer.

"But we need Bec!" Toby says tring to grab her hand that was hanging down. Now that i looked closer I noticed she had brown fox ears. But any waus back to the zombies. They were pretty close. Then toby finally grabed her hand I mean come on he had to try abouot 10 times! Once toby caught we ran quickly as possible under the bro fist which was hard because it came down fast. Bonus the zombies were crushed bad thing zombies were in the game!

"Hey Waldo care to explain why the zombies are here in the game!?" I asked the sky.

It took a while but then a booming voice was heard."Yah that was from before but I can't take them out. Also to get past this gameyou just need to complete 3 levels. you only have 4 lives in each game!" He said.

"Ok then!" I said.

"Hey," some one said. I turned around to see the girl awake. Now that she wasn't so high up I could see she had a macthing brown tail and bow and arrows. Also green eyes she looked 18 or 19.

"Hey!" I said. "What up?"

"Nothing where am I and where did you go Toby I was all alone in the houe. Then those zombies came!" She said glaring a Toby.

"Blame Waldo sort of he kinda set this up..." I said trailing off.

"Who are you people?" Bec said atleast that's what toby called her.

"That's Cry," toby said pointing to cry. "PewDiePie, Stephano, Sup Guy,Liberty and he has yet to tellus his name," Toby said pointing to each person as her spoke.

"Oh I'm Bec, Bec  Johnson," Bec said smiling.

"My name Dave," Dave said.

"Ok any way let's complete this game!~" I Yell.

~ Last level because the next games will be more detailed!~

They only part left was the lava pit. Only one of us had to make it.But every on had 1-2 lives left.

"Question why don't we through someone across?" I ask. the pit is as big as a sand box but just big enough so you can't jump.

" What?" they asked.

"Just through the lightest over and boom someone makes it and we go onto the next game," I explain.

And that my readers is how I got tossed across a lava pit. We made it through the game.

Once through we landed in a room with different curtian and some coches and food. WE sat down and talked and ate. We learned Toby and Bec are dating and that Dave crashed the car he was driving and woke up here. Stepano was kidnapped along with the Sup Guy by Barrels.

We looked at all the curtians. We decied to pull the first one we endded up in....


You chose there is Mad father, Ib,haunting grounds, conkers bad fur day, Anmesia, Fragile dreams: farewell crystal fragment of the moon, 4 swords and happy wheels!~ and thank you Bec I still need 2 Oc's!~





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