waldo, youtubers, games and zombies?

it's a supries but i will give you this if this is a dream don't wake me up this is way to much fun! also i need like 3 oc's so yah


1. chasing waldo


             so i was walking on the side walk. oh yah hey i'm liberty i'm 14 i have brown hair pale green eyes with glasses. while i was walking i spoted a red and white stiped shirt. so doing what i do i screamed.

        "I FOUND YOU WALDO!" the person turned and looked me in the eye and he bolted. so i chased him. i followed him in to a ally. but i lost him at the dead end of the ally.

         MMMMOOOOOAAAAAANNN! huh what was that that doesn't make alot of sense. i turned around to leave the ally way once i was out i saw waldo. but he was leading a army of zombies. wait what!? this is so confusing! people started running and screaming. so i started fast walking i mean come on the limp walk you just have to walk fastly! i then climb on a slide tgo like be safe sort of i mean come on the can slowly very slowly climb a slanted latter!

          "HEY WALDO THE FUDGE IS WRONG WITH YOU! I WAS SUPPOSE TO START THIS SO GO AWAY!" i scream at him. he then  pulls a knife out from under his hat and throughs it at me.

           it hits me in the side. fudge you waldo! i looked down at my cut it was really dead and the knife was still stuck in my side. i was losing alot of blood. i heard waldo laugh then walk away. i also heard someone yelling at something mixed with the moans of zombies. i started to black out. the last thing i remeber is tring to pull out the knife out of my side.


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