waldo, youtubers, games and zombies?

it's a supries but i will give you this if this is a dream don't wake me up this is way to much fun! also i need like 3 oc's so yah


3. can we keep him?

chapter 2- can we keep him?

            So I wasw woken up by the sup guy. Which i accidently thought was a stuufed animal and hugged him. I eventually got up but I still held on to the sup guy.

"Nnnnnnnhhh what time is it?" I ask.

"It's 5:30 a.m ," the sup guy says.

"You need to get a shower and get changed then we head out!" Toby yelled from upstairs.

"OK!" I yell. "Where are the clothes?" I ask.

"We put some in the bathroom for you!"  Cry says from upstairs.

"Quick question where's the bathroom?" i ask.

"right down the hall to your left!" Pewds yells.

I walk into the bathroom.I unwrap the bandage to see a purplebruise around a gaint gash.

~ after the shower brought to you by buttons come on you know you want to press us!~

         I came out of the bathroom in a way to big plain white t shirt with once again way to big shorts. I walked around with the sup guy. Yes I still have him! I found the guys sitting on the couch talking about something but I couldn't  hear them.

"Guys I'm done," I say to them.

"Ok then let's go!" Toby says smiling.

         We pack up food, clothes and some weapons but thety wouldn't let me have any! Then we left the safe house. We walked down the street seeing a couple of zombies here and there but they didn't really notice us. Some point we came across a kid about my age trying to hot wire a car.

"Hey need help?" I ask walking over. Once i was closer to the kid I saw that it was a he. He had  blonde hair that was spikey and a black baseball cap. But i couldn't see anything else.

"No I just got it working," He said. The guys walked to were I was standing.

"We're you going?" Pewds asks.

"Away from these things," The kid says. "You can come if you want," He adds. The guys look at each other then at me.

" Ummm nah we have to go some where else," Toby says.

"Oh well I'll see you guys leter again, maybe," He says as he get's into the car and badly drove off down the road.

"Ok let's keep going!" Cry says.

            So we continued down the road. We walked for a while until we saw a hored of the zombies on the road.

"Now can I have a weapon?" I ask them. They silently discus it for a couple minutes.

"Fine but only for they zombies!" They say. I agree. Then I look through the bag of weapons. I choose a golf club! Yes a golf club! Why? I have no clue but do I like my choice?yes! So after I pick out the golf club we causally walk through the street until we start being chased by a litlle girl zombie. Within minutes we are jogging from them. I mean come on why run the barley can walk! So we jogged into a pet shop. The guys then block the door with pet food and cages.

              After a hour the zombies left but we decied to stay here. Well really they didn't want to risk getting attacked. I finally managed to convince them to let me walk around the store but I had to take one of them with me. So i took Pews because hey I may be able to sneak away! So we walked around the store looking for anything use full.

"Hey over here!" A muffled voice calls.

"Who's there?" Pewds responds.

"Pewds? Is that you? It's me Stephano!" The voice screams. Yes I did lose him but before I got to far he found me.

"Come on we have to go back!" Pewds says dragging me back.

~ Once we're with the group brought to you by water!~

"Guys I found Stephano! Can we keep him?' Pewds yells.

"Fine!" They agree.

"Did anyone notice that we have Cry's sup guy and Pewds Stephano?" I ask holding the sup guy.

"Yah so now we need a Toby trademark and your trademark," Cry replies. After a while we decied to go to sleep. Well they take watchs and switch out. We all slept in a asile. Eventually we all slept.

~ morning brought to you by snow!~

       When we woke up we didn't expect to be chained to a wall and all of the trademarks to be humanised. I think I woke up last because they we're already trying to break the chains. I looked at all of them to see that they had rips in there clothes . I looked at my own clithes to see that someone re stabed the wound in my side. How did I not wake up from that!?

"What happened?" I ask. They turned towards me with relief on  their faces.

" Thank goodness you okay," Toby says.

" The stupid barrles did this!" Pewds screamed. That explains everything!

" Also a guy in a striped red and white shirt came to," the sup guy added.

"Fuck! So Waldo is behind this!" I Yell. Damn stupid bastard.

"Don't swear!" Toby says to me.

"I learned it from you guys," I say. Before anyone could replie we heard the door open. A humanised barrel walked in.

"Now that your all wake Mister Waldo would like to see you," The barrel says.

"NO!" I say.

"No? Well you don't really get to choose because he's almost here," He says.

"Wait you mean the guy from Where's waldo? Really?" The others ask.

"Yah I sorta pissed him off..." I trail off.

"Shut up! He's here!" The barrel says. Right then Waldo walks in.

"You! Let me go so I can kick your stupid striped ass!" I yell. I really hate him.


there done another chapter!~ still need oc's!


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