Our life

Ericka and her little brother, Taylor, are basically fending for themselves. Their Father is busy all the time, and his girlfriend could care less if they froze in the snow. Ericka's father, though, gets new clients after the longest time, they don't seem to be used to having a kid around 24/7. But that will have to change, because the tables are turning...


1. Routine


Taylor weighed about as much as two gallons of milk at the grocery store.

He sucked on his thumb and played with my hair while I walked him back to our house.

"Eiri? Why is your hair yellow?" he asked, throwing my hair into the wind.

"Because that's just how mommy looks."

"Could you change it?"

"Do you want me to?"

"No! You look like a princess with it."

I smiled at his innocence.

"Are you a princess?"

"Not yet. I will be when a prince comes along."

"Could I be your prince?"

"No," I tapped his nose. "You're the little prince who loves his princess sister."

"But I want to be a dragon!"

He made a face at me and put his little fingers so they looked like fangs.

"Oh No! It's a dragon!" I said.

"Don't worry Eiri! I'm a nice dragon." he patted my shoulder as I walked down the sidewalk.

"I'm sure you are."

I walked up our driveway and unlocked the side door. I set him on the floor and pulled off his backpack.

"Ok, you can go play now." I told him.

"YAYYYYYYYY!" he ran into the playroom and picked up his superhero toys. "Vooosh!" he made loud flying noises that I could hear from downstairs.

I picked up the phone and called dad.

It rang once before he picked it up.

"Hey Eir! How are you, sweetie?"

"Good, daddy. What about you?"

"Perfect. Im driving home to see my beautiful daughter and my handsome son, I reached the recording company and got new clients-"

"Oh good! Who are they?"

"Surprises are for later. Anyway, Ella should be home later. Dinner is laying on the counter."

I walked over to the black soapstone counter and looked at the frozen ham laying on it.

"Do you want me to start it?" I asked.

"Sure. Just make sure to add the-"

"I know, daddy. Bye!"

"Bye sweetie."

I put the phone back in the charger and pulled out a baking pan.

I put Dad's secret ingredient on the top of it and covered the ham and pan in tinfoil. Then, I put it in the oven and went upstairs to check on Taylor.

"Eiri!! Eiri!!!"

I sprinted up the stairs.

"What's wrong?!?!?"

"Princess Sleeping Beauty is gone!"

I opened his toy box and rummaged through it. I picked out the Aurora Barbie doll out of it.

I stroked her hair. She had been mine until I grew out of Dolls.

Before I could turn around and give it to him, he jumped on my back.

"I got you!"

I fell on the floor laughing. He started to tickle me. I was hysterical. We played for a long time before I lay down in my back.

He straddled on top of my stomach and kissed me on my cheek.

"Now you wake up and make me food." He rubbed his tummy. "I'm hungry, Eiri."

"I know." I picked him up, stood up, and then set him on the floor. He grabbed my hand and walked down the stairs with me.

"Can we have cookies?" he asked.


"Can we have candy?"


"Can we have Ice cream?"


He thought about it.

"Can we have yucky potatoes?"

"Yes. And Actually, we're having them tonight."

"Yuck!" he stuck out his tongue and squinted his eyes.

I smiled and picked him up.

"One day, I hope you like potatoes." I said to him.

When we reached the kitchen, I set him down on a chair.

"Are you making food?" he asked me, taking his fingers out of his mouth.

"Yep," I shucked the corn over the composting bin.

"Why do you do that?" he asked.

"So we get to eat the yummy-"

"Im here!" Ella cried as she whipped the door open.

"Hey Ella!" I called.

"ELLIE!!!!" Taylor screamed. I set him on the floor and he ran over to Ella and hugged her pants.

"Whatcha makin'?" she leaned on the counter to watch.

"Cottage Ham." I replied.

"With yucky potatoes!" Taylor added.

She looked down at him with confusion lining her face.

"Is your father home yet?" she asked.

"No. He's probably stuck in traffic."

She nodded and tapped her fingers on the black counter.

"So Taylor? How was your third day of kindergarten?"

"I met Mrs. Casy! The music teacher!" he yelled.

"Shhhhh." I put my fingers to my lips and looked at him.

He hid behind Ella's legs. "Sowwy." he mumbled into the fabric.

"Well, I'm gonna go change." she said. "Call up If there's a problem."

"ok." I finished shucking and flipped the lid to the mini bin shut.

She pulled Taylor off of her legs and went upstairs with him.

I washed the green beans and the corn while I listened to a recorded episode of Project Runway. I was really behind, the season had already ended, but I didn't know who won.

Then as I grabbed an oven mitt and pulled out the ham, dad opened the door and walked in.

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