My dreams and wishes

This story is about Niall and how he wishes he can find the right girl. Louis , Zayn , Liam and Harry all had girlfriends and spent most of their time on dates leaving Niall behind. Until one day Niall goes out on his special day and something amazing happens to him as If it was a miracle that he was looking for.


2. What the noise was

The next morning everyone was sitting at the table eating breakfast when Niall had came in , " hear any strange noises last night Harry ?" Niall asked suspiciously . " no , why ? " Harry said confused . " I think I heard a strange laugh coming from your bedroom last night before you came home " Niall mumbled . The boys just stared at him as if he was crazy . Then Louis walked over to him and patted him on the back and said " it's okay mate were here for you whenever you need us " they thought he was crazy , so later on that day the boys went out again and Niall was alone again and he just sat and waited out side Harry's bedroom door for the noise to come . He dozed off 20 minutes after the boys had gone but he was woken up by the sound of giggling . Niall jumped to feet and started to slowly walk towards his bedroom , he peered round the room no one was here so he looked in the closet and found a girl just sitting there giggling at pictures from Harry's photo Album . She had blonde curly hair that dangled over her shoulders and her eyes were aqua blue just like Niall's , " excuse me what are you doing in the closet ? " he asked in a gentle voice . She looked up at him and just smiled and after a few moments she finally spoke , " "hi , I'm Amy I just saw this house and thought it was one of those house museums and came in and I went into this room a d found the closet very comfy and whenever someone came I hid . I live on my own just up the street not far from here , you should come round some day :) " she smiled and left as quickly as she could and Niall couldn't take his eyes off of her it was like a dream come true
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