My dreams and wishes

This story is about Niall and how he wishes he can find the right girl. Louis , Zayn , Liam and Harry all had girlfriends and spent most of their time on dates leaving Niall behind. Until one day Niall goes out on his special day and something amazing happens to him as If it was a miracle that he was looking for.


1. The start of it all

One day when Harry , Zayn , Louis and Liam decided to go out on a date with their girl friends Niall was left at home once again . Niall decided to go and get some sleep and once he wakes up he will go out and get some nando's . Niall got to his bedroom and started taking his clothes of to put his pyjamas on , Niall slipped into his king size bed and dozed off thinking what if he never finds the right girl? Or whether he will die alone ?

When Niall finally woke up , he jumped into the shower and washed his 6 pack . He got dressed into his black jeans , blue shirt , his red converse and his purple hoodie . He started to walk downstairs but then he heard a little laugh come from Harry's room so he just carried on walking , Harry must of got back when Niall was sleeping . He felt like walking to nando's today and it only took him 10 minutes . He ordered a lot of food , then walked out of the shop and started to eat on the way home .

Once Niall got home he sat on the sofa and watched some telly and a few minutes later Harry walked through the front door and asked Niall " had a nice day mate ?" Niall just nodded with a confused face , he thought to himself for a moment " what was that laugh from Harry's room then ?"
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