Another World (valentines day 1SHOT41D)

Hey so heres my one direction valentines day comp movella please like and fave and please comment love you all!!!!!!! xx


1. Really?!

Lola's POV.
Its valentines day, my favourite time of the year when I'm with Harry.

"Lo, you ready??" Harry called "Yep" I said popping the 'p'. Harry opened the door of our bedroom and stood there speechless, I was wearing a black strapless dress with sparkly ballet pumps and my paper aeroplane necklace Harry gave to me today, also wore my Chanel black bag around my shoulder to compliment my whole look.

"Ok seriously Harry, take a picture it will last longer!" I moaned "ok now lets go!!" I said after he took the picture!!

He took me to the place where we first met which was at the local park. I saw he set up a picnic with candles and of course pizza!!!

After we ate Harry started blabbering on about something which I had know idea what it was because I was in my own little world dreaming about my future life with Harry. Then I snapped out of it and listened to him. "Lo, I'm worried.... that.. one day you .. you won't be girlfriend anymore.." he said. My heart sank. I looked into his emerald green eyes as he carried on. "Its because you'll be my wife" I gasped as he pulled out the most beautiful ring ever and announced "Lola Rose Allen, will you please be my wife?" I couldn't speak, the only words that could come out of my mouth was " Yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!"
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