not good at blurbs so you should read the story


1. Have I seen you before?

Harry's P.O.V

     I really thought that I would never love again. My last girlfriend cheated on me with my ex best mate. I never thought he would do that to me he said "I gave into temptation. She told me you and her broke up". I cried for a couple weeks. I eventually had to get out of the house so Louis, Niall, Zayne, and Liam took me out. We went to the old park I went to when i was a kid. I really had no idea how they knew this (I think my Mum told them. She doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut.) So when we got there i almost cried because I haven't been there since I was a kid. they were happy tears because they brought back good memory's.

     Then a skinny figure bumped into me as my eyes started to tear up. Perfect timing right. I thought it was Nialler but he was kinda chubby and he was across the park. When i looked up to say sorry it was a girl who looked familiar. I wasn't sure from where but she did. The way her dark brown braid sat on her shoulder. The few light brown freckles that looked so perfect in the way they laid on her cheeks.Her deep dark brown eyes that looked so friendly. And that Italy jacket that looked a little big.  I had to ask her her name. so when i did her voice sounded ever so genital she told me her name was Olivia. Then I looked in a puzzled way at her trying to figure out why that sounded so familiar. I had nothing. as soon as I was about to ask her another question she was running away in the direction of the parking lot.

Olivia P.V.O

    WAS THAT REALLY HARRY STYLES! I haven't seen him since kindergarten. we were in the same class. He always wore red plaid shorts and and a long sleeve shirt in the summer and black pants that were always to long and a short sleeve shirt in the winter. and now he was wearing something i would choose for myself. a pair of skinny jeans, a white shirt, and a jack wills sweat shirt.

    I really hope he doesn't remember me. i have had a crush on him for like ever. but i don't think he ever liked me. and to top it all off i was just face to face with him. GRRRRRR I ALWAYS MESS THINGS UP. I don't always know how but i do. OK so i love him and yeah.

Harry P.O.V

     So i went home and looked in all my school yearbook and nothing until i looked in my kindergarten yearbook and THANK YOU GOD THAT I DID I KNEW IT. as soon as i yelled it 5 boys came crashing in my room falling on the floor all with stickers on their faces (i think they had a sticker war lol) all of a sudden five voices rang out in harmony " WHATS GOING ON" I immediately answer " I KNEW SHE LOOKED FAMILIAR I FUCKIN LOVE HER I THINK I FOUND THE FUCKIN LOVE OF MY LIFE AND........ Did i just say that out loud" five guys looked at me "PLEASE DON'T BE TALKING ABOUT FUCKIN LIZ PLEASE" "i'm not i have too go." i answered   





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