He doesen't know

Phila, your average teenager finds herself entangled within the lives of 3 different guys , each of whom have a different story of their own to tell.WHO will she choose?Will Phila get her prince charming or will her Unrequited love remain undeclared?

Find out by reading!
First story so please excuse the mistakes.


3. Strange encounter



~In the street~

Stop it’s me? Are you kidding me, how the hell was I supposed to know who It was?  Was I supposed to just give up and admit ‘oh yes there you are’? I decided to go with the cautious approach. Ever had a moment where time just stops and you forget everything, it all goes blank and you stare at this one person? Yeah , I had that .That ‘weird’ guy had been following me but for some reason him and me being alone made it all the more different and intimate. I could feel myself blushing at the thought of my stupid defence strategy earlier which clearly gave way and made me look like the biggest idiot of my generation. In an attempt to act ‘natural’ I straightened up, wiped my drool off my cardigan and apologized. His voice was soft but still manly. I liked that..i liked that a lot.”Hi , sorry to scare you , I followed you because you left your books and purse on the table before you left”. ‘CRAP, I cannot believe I left all of my stuff there, in all that worry how could I forget my stuff, that stalker nonsense must have freaked me out more than I could have imagined’. “Uh, oh thanks, ok bye!”. I smiled sheepishly and left before he had a chance to reply and never even caught his name. It was probably something sweet like ‘Tom’ or ‘David’ or ‘Timothy’; I chuckled at the thought of someone being called timothy, it was cute yet funny. Me leaving without having a   proper conversation with the mysterious guy was rude but I couldn’t help it, I wasn’t good around guys. Especially handsome ones.

Once I had arrived home, I looked around for mum but couldn’t find her, eventually after looking through the entire house I found her in the garden shed…cleaning.”Dorothy! what the hell?  Why are you cleaning at this hour?! IT’S 8 O CLOCK!” . Mum must have been really stressed because she only ever cleaned when she was stressed or depressed. Lately, she had been missing dad who had decided to skip a month of visiting, leaving mum as fragile as ever and me to pick up the pieces.’ Should’ve had more children then mum shouldn’t you ‘. There I went again, I had always nagged mum to ‘procreate’ and have another child, I approved so why must she be so strict and stubborn. Back to my sensitive self, I sat with mum and helped her clean.

~The next day~

The next morning mum had clearly found another reason to ground me…either she didn’t want me to have any friends or my mother was clearly lonely. 10 am on the dot, my mother came upstairs herself ‘what an achievement’ I thought since she never bothered to come up to talk to me especially in the morning; strutting her stuff she came running with a bucket of water , ending with a nice ‘splash’. Instantly.”akhh akh  FUDGE! Mum this is the third time this week!”I reminded her, whilst choking on the water .In normal households this wouldn’t happen but mum knew I was a deep sleeper thus why she had resorted to a strict method such as this.”Phil, please tell me something…Why do you study in a university and make me suffer if you aren’t going to pass?” Clearly she didn’t know the shit I went through to even manage a %50 pass. “Err, sorry mum, how long? 2 weeks grounding? I’ll take it” . “Dammit Phila I don’t ground you for fun!” ‘Seems like you do’. “Ok ok I promise ill work harder” I forced out, knowing very well I had tried my hardest beforehand but mum wouldn’t believe me so there was no point.

That night , while studying I heard a knock on the door. I was in my comfy Strawberry pj’s with my messy bun and bright pink robe, so I was not planning on getting out my bedroom let alone opening the door to some stranger. I had been embarrassed enough. *Ring* …*RING* …*RING* “Mum answer the door” I yelled, but mum decided that instant to pop into the shower.”Nice one mum” I screamed through the bathroom door, as if she could hear me while humming to ‘ .

Duncans POV:

I diden’t know whether Phila would be shocked or scared that I had come to her house, but considering my circumstances I thought it was best to come here. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have come here, she will probably assume im some sort of stalker or something’. As the door opened clicking in 3 places I was feeling a little queasy about my drastic decision to head here.

There she was, standing all red faced yet seemingly relaxed ….

Philas POV:

Upon answering the door , my only reply was a “Humph”. Just amazing. My luck was so bad I needed an award to remind me every day. “ Who IS ITTTTTT…..oh Hello?”. The fear stricken guy looked at me and whispered “My names DUNCAN by the way” clearly reminding me of our earlier meeting where I dident even bother to get his name. ‘He has a name? he has a name !Hurrah!’ oh hi Duncan I beamed at him!. My clothes must have made quite an impression because Duncan was staring at my bright pink robe for a while, pausing for a moment he looked like he wanted to run away but before that he rubbed the back of his head,  “Should I come back later ?” Duncan said  clearly sensing the awkwardness between us. “Er no no Duncan its fine , please come in “. Mum was going to go crazy if she knew I’d invited Duncan in, then I would have to spend another hour convincing her Duncan was just some random guy that I knew from University. I desperately wanted to run away hence making both mine and Duncan’s  desire to exit mutual , but seeing as mum was  not going to give me company I had no choice but to grit my teeth and suffer through this. ‘Why did he have to come now…Like NOW NOW , I wish I’d been wearing some decent clothes , but nooo Phila you just had to dress up like a 2 year old. I look like a mess’  . Fidgeting and biting my lip I offered Duncan some food or drink but he kindly refused only requesting a glass of water. Great, here was my chance to leg it and find some time to think.

When I returned, he was sitting just as he had been before looking around at my family photos of mum, me and dad on holiday and some childhood pictures. “May I ask why you came Duncan?” pressing him for an answer as to why he came in the middle of the night. “Can we not talk about that sorry I just need a place to stay and your mum said I could come over any time”. “Oh should I inform your mum and dad you’re here?> they might be worried about you”, judging by Duncan’s expression I had clearly said too much.”I’m sorry Duncan, I shouldn’t have asked “.I had realised that Duncan had a family history of abuse , although child services had constantly taken him out of care , his parents always found ways to get him back , or as mum called it ‘grabbing the rabbit by the tail’. ‘Change the topic…to what? ,,, interest? Yes interests …perfect’ I. “Duncan didn’t I see you at the movie theatre the other day? Were you watching ‘Brave’? “Yeah, my little sister wanted to watch it”. I ‘awwed’ at the thought of a big brother taking his sister to watch a movie.’ Don’t see that everyday day do we’. As we talked I realised how simple and sweet Duncan was, I really loved his soft tone, simple persona, and he was quite cute too. A weird feeling overwhelmed me as we talked but I let it slide and attempted to ignore it.

At around 10 o clock mum came down, and we chatted for a bit before we all decided to hit the hay . Just as I set out the bed downstairs in the spare room i bid Duncan goodnight and went upstairs. ‘Finally…some peace at last’.


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