He doesen't know

Phila, your average teenager finds herself entangled within the lives of 3 different guys , each of whom have a different story of their own to tell.WHO will she choose?Will Phila get her prince charming or will her Unrequited love remain undeclared?

Find out by reading!
First story so please excuse the mistakes.


1. Meet Phila


"Phila  Rose Baker  get down here right this instant !” , there she went again , yelling my name …when my mother used my full name I knew I was in BIG trouble. Usually, she would summon me by ‘Phil’, yes I know , it it is a guys name  but by now its fairly obvious my parents have no idea how to be creative in giving names, for instance my parents niece whom they named was called Jose . This was short for Joseph...Somehow I’m guessing they wanted a boy which is why they indirectly named all these girls including myself with masculine names.

Instantly I wrapped my scarf around my neck , since it was fairly cold out which was not a surprise for a British winter and my house was like the north pole..Literally .I could hear my mother muttering under her breath when I reached the bottom of the staircase , "Phila where have you been? I called you 10 times in the last 5 minutes" . “oh you know , just here and there , thought I would go shopping and travel the world” I said sarcastically. Dorothy , my mother was getting frustrated  so I decided to put on my serious face and listen to what she had to say for so long. Come to think of it , I hadn't ever been serious in my life which was probably why she constantly had to raise her voice or possibly a rock or two to get me to listen."All jokes aside Phil, please  can you just listen. I got a phone call this morning from your University  in London; they told me you haven’t been keeping up with your assignments". Shifting uncomfortably I attempted to waver her mood “ oh mum, you are looking  so beautiful today , did you know that? Mum ! Mum! Mum! Lets go to the salon then we ca…”  , “stop changing the subject Phil”. By this time  Dorothy had  heard it all, I was known for my excuses and child like manners.That was me…Phila the thriller .Classic. For the next hour my mum gave me a lecture , which I would've preferred to have listened to  on the Law of Tort in my degree by David Bosner , our ‘interesting’ lecturer , and by interesting I mean as interesting as a watching a goat run around in circles. After my mum had worn out I sat quietly in the breakfast room and ate my Nutella spread on  bread and drunk my tea. What a great way the day had started, little did I know there would be more in store for me later. 

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