He doesen't know

Phila, your average teenager finds herself entangled within the lives of 3 different guys , each of whom have a different story of their own to tell.WHO will she choose?Will Phila get her prince charming or will her Unrequited love remain undeclared?

Find out by reading!
First story so please excuse the mistakes.


2. Hello Stalker


~At University ~

“I hate her, I hater her, I hate her, she ruined my whole morning, ARGH!” sighing deeply I threw my bag on to my table and dug my head inside my folded arms. “Your mum again? Come on Phila, give her some credit, she’s finding it hard alone “ ..My friend Esmee said grinning with that encouraging tone that she always had. Esmee and me had been friends ever since I had stood up to this insecure bully Greta in year 2.You’d think I would be more confident  by now but many of my friends up until today consider me a softy and a tad bit shy, but I  would still stick up for them no matter what that's one thing that hasn't changed about me. Mums not alone , dad would visit every other month when he was free from his job which involved international travel throughout the year. Esmee had clearly lost sight of that but whatever, i'd let it go this time.

~Esmees POV~

I don’t think anyone can truly say they have a best friend like mine…Phila really has a mind of her own, even though she seems soft on the outside, I know without a doubt she would stick up for me or rather anyone, if they needed help, and the best part is she wouldn't even ask for anything in return.

Phila’s POV~

I have no idea where Esmee got lost in her thoughts but she was freaking me out with that wide grin on her face, it wasn't her usual grin , today it had an extra freaky aspect to it. I decided to leave her to it and gesture my leave  since I had a criminal law class later so I needed to prepare otherwise mum would get at my bad habits of laziness again. I couldn't afford another night where I was grounded. Just as  I entered my class a rather weird looking guy was standing in the corner of the class. Trying to lift the awkwardness I smiled at him and ran to my seat before I was considered the stalker of the class.I did not need that again  since Tyler John, the cocky and overconfident blonde of our class had made me the laughing stock of my class last year. Just as I began thinking about my past It thought about how it didn't feel like we had already completed half the degree , shuddering at the thought of it all I took my Pukka pad out as usual and prepared myself for a long two hour class.However I couldn't help but feel tense as if  I was being watched ,I mean it wasent like I was paranoid or something  or even a celebrity but did I have a stalker? ‘no no you have gone mad stalkers aren't that obvious, and if you did have one do you really think  they would be from your own class? ‘ .  Just as  Jamima Waters, our teacher entered , I was lifted out of my stalker thoughts.So I diden't have time to dwell on it besides I was too tired anyway to bother about this now .

~On the way home~

I decided to walk home for once since my buses were delayed and trains were too much of a hassle for me, but I regretted this once I realised  a few things.Firstly , how cold it was outside and secondly, how dangerous it was since It was getting dark and London diden't seem to be as safe as it used to be what with violent uneducated fools out there who would mug vulnerable people.Mind you , I had a  black belt in karate so I shoulden’t have been scared but ever since my cousin got mugged, I diden’t even trust myself to use my karate as a defence mechanism. On my way home I could hear the sound of footsteps ; even though I was on a busy road I could hear heavy footsteps of what seemed to me like boots . I panicked and  decided that I would flip this so called stalker of mine on to the ground pressing their hands against their back. Just as I prepared to do this my stalker decided to be clever and counter this and hold my hand against my back.'Asshole' .It looked like a ballerina was twirling but in full speed and with a bit more pain and less natural.As a reflex I used my other elbow and elbowed the person.I heard  heaving  and the person came out of the dark and into the light of the street lamp which was near me, yelling “Stop , its me”. 

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