Crystal is no normal child. She was found on the doorstep of the house of non other than One Direction! Yes, the british pop sensation. Follow the story of a not so normal girl growing up in the arms of Louis Tommlinson. The story of a girl who is nothing in the ordinary.


4. The Supermarket

     I brushed my hands across her gentle head.  She was the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.  
    I looked at the table to find my phone buzzing again.  I looked to see it was Eleanor again.  
   "So, what are we gonna' do?" She asked, jumping right into the matter.
    "Nice to see you to," I mumbled. Eleanor laughed.  There was a short pause before I said, "Any suggestions?"
     "I'm not sure.  You know more about kids than me!  I was an only child." That's when the craziest thought came into my head,
     'She could be mine!'
     "What if-" The thought was crazy!  I wasn't ready for a kid!  I'm an international pop star.
    "You want to keep her!  Lou, that's crazy! I can't believe it." It was creepy how Eleanor could figure out what was on my mind.
   "You creep me out, you know, sometimes I think your a witch or something!"  Eleanor laughed, and just before either of us could say anything in response, I heard Liam.
   "We've gotta' go to the market!  Niall, stay with Crystal."
    "Crystal?" I said, confused.
   "The note said to 'Let her be your Crystal', is that not straight- forward?"
   "Oh, yeah, I thought it was theoretical."
     "Even if not, it's a cool name." Zayn joked, walking into the living room, then I noticed I was still on the phone with Eleanor.                    
       "Gotta' go El, see ya' later." I said, casually.
     "See ya' boo." She said and hung up.  I never liked hanging up on girls, I am always nervous they'll think I don't won't to talk to them.
    "Are we going?" Zayn asked, Liam, Harry and I ran to the front hall to get are coats on.  I buttoned mine up and then grabbed a couple mittens, I stole Harry's hat of his head, and after a game of rock, paper, sisscors, I got it for keeps.
    We walked out are door, hoping no teenaged girls would see us, and, somehow, they didn't.  We walked down a couple blocks until we got to the supermarket.  It was weird how no one came and asked for are autographs, but it was the kind of day that you don't want to be outside for.  The air had a terrible chill to it, the type of chill that made your ears burn.  While the trees blew violently in the wind. The ground was covered in dirty snow, while mist layered the air.  Although the day was miserable, it comforted me.  I may never know why it did, but, it brought smiles to are faces.
    " Here we are." Harry said, with a smile from ear to ear.  As we walked in we received many looks and whispers.  We smiled big and entered the diaper aisle.  I watched as the looks and whispers became so much more obvious.
    "What sized would fit her butt?" I asked.  They laughed.
    "She's pretty young, so, maybe, this one?" Liam said, pointing to a package of small diapers.
    "We can give it a try, now, food."
   "We need a bottle and baby milk." Zayn said
    "What on earth is baby milk?"
   "Well, they drink different milk." Liam answered.
    "Boob milk!" Harry added, we laughed and Liam shook his head, as he laughed.  I looked at the endless aisles of the supermarket
   "Where could it be?" I asked, Zayn pointed to the 'baby aisle' across from the 'diaper aisle' we were in.  "Well, there we go!" Harry gave out a small chuckle as we walk over to the baby aisle.  I looked on the shelf to see a tin can labeled: 'Baby Formula'.  
   "I have a bottle." said Harry, holding a standard baby bottle.
     "I have the formula." I said.  I then grabbed a cute little toy bear with button eyes and a little red jacket on.  "Can we get this too?" I asked.
    "Sure." Liam said.  He looked at are cart.  "Is that all?
    "We better get Niall some food." Zayn said, picking out a pack of microwave chicken.  
   "Now were ready." Harry announced.  As we went to check out.
   We put are stuff on the check out counter.  And saw a cute girl, with black hair and green eyes, who looked to be about Harry's age at the counter.  "Your one direction, my sister loves you!" She said.
    "We are, and you?  Single possibly." Harry said, with his usual cheeky grin.
     "I happen to be."  She said.
       "When do you happen to get off work?" Harry asked.
      "Can we just get the food?" Zayn said, impatiently.
      "Four, why?" She said, ignoring Zayns comment.  Harry grabbed a pen and pad of paper, writing down his number, just before we dragged him out of the store.  

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