Crystal is no normal child. She was found on the doorstep of the house of non other than One Direction! Yes, the british pop sensation. Follow the story of a not so normal girl growing up in the arms of Louis Tommlinson. The story of a girl who is nothing in the ordinary.


2. The Night She Came

Me and the lads were watching a movie, it was late at night and we were all tired.  But, just when we got up to go to sleep, we heard a knock at the door.  A shiver ran through my body, I gulped and looked around.  The boys were all staring at one another, wondering who would be the one to open the door.  Finally, Liam, got out of his seat and ran to the hall, he pulled open the door.  
I got up to see confused face on the boys.  I looked at the doorway, but saw nothing.  Then I heard Niall say,
"Well, what do we do now?"  I looked down to see a little baby, on our door step.  
"Well we get her out of the cold!  It's freezing out there!" Liam said, picking the baby up.  I smiled at the child's beautiful blue eyes.  She was such a pretty baby.  I have always loved children.  Some people call me quite the child myself. 
I guess the fact that I would never be able to keep her slipped my mind.  I mean, I was Louis Tomlinson.  British pop sensation.
All of the boys agreed to keep her the night.  Zayn picked her up and wrapped a fresh blanket around her.  I grabbed a basket, we use for laundry and put our best couch pillow in it .  The pillow was soft and blue, but didn't sparkle quite like her beautiful eyes did, and still do.
Harry put his hand threw her hair, "Don't brake her Harry!" I shouted.  Everyone laughed, but, I was actually quite serious, she was so delicate.  I felt that if they carried her too heavily, she might actually shatter into a million little pieces.
"So, I guess were not finishing Paranormal Activities?" Niall questioned.  We were all laughing.  "So, I guess that's a no?" I nodded my head.
"Well then, what do we do now?" Zayn asked.
"I guess we should get her some milk, shouldn't we?" Liam asked.  Harry nodded and fetched a glass to put the milk in.
"This is never gonna' do!" Harry said, half way through poring the milk into glass.  "We need a bottle or something!  How about diapers and that stuff too, what if we kill it!"  Concerned looks grew on are faces.  
"Can't we call someone?"
"It's one in the morning!  Who will we call?"
"How about we let her sleep, the grocery store's open at nine!  We can get stuff then." Liam said.
"And the press?" Harry asked.
"As far as they know we're shopping baby Lux." Liam responded 
"Wait, does anyone find it the least bit weird that were not freaking out?  There was a baby on are doorstep!" I exclaimed.
"Wow, that just clicked!" Niall said.
We sat there, watching her role around in the basket, and, almost at the exact same time, smiles grew on are faces. 

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