Crystal is no normal child. She was found on the doorstep of the house of non other than One Direction! Yes, the british pop sensation. Follow the story of a not so normal girl growing up in the arms of Louis Tommlinson. The story of a girl who is nothing in the ordinary.


1. Prolouge

Mist filled the air on that cold, winters night.  There was no one to see for miles, everyone in London were inside there pleasant homes.  The only person out there was an old woman carrying a baby, wrapped in a blanket.
 That baby is my daughter.  Well, not by blood, but, she's mine.  My little girl.  I feel like, you guys should know more about her, so I'm writing this book.  Maybe one day all publish it or maybe not.  When I think about it, I'm half writing this, because I don't want to forget.  I don't want to forget about my Honeypie.  The story of Crystal Tomlinson, my best beloved.





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