Crystal is no normal child. She was found on the doorstep of the house of non other than One Direction! Yes, the british pop sensation. Follow the story of a not so normal girl growing up in the arms of Louis Tommlinson. The story of a girl who is nothing in the ordinary.


3. Love Comes In Many Shapes And Sizes

I was on the phone with Eleanor, talking about the baby.  She was at her parents house at the moment, on reading week.
"So, she just appeared at your door?" Eleanor asked.
"This must be some kind of joke, I don't believe you Lou."
"No!  She did.  This is all true, everything." I said, I couldn't believe she didn't trust me!
Suddenly I heard tears.  All the other boys were asleep.  So I went into the living room and picked her up, bringing the phone into the room.  Then, I noticed a note, lying in the little blanket we found her wrapped in last night.  I looked to find a message, that read,

Treat her with care and love.
 She is yours now, let 
her be your Crystal 
A much lesser mother

"I've gotta' go." I said, dropping the phone.  I ran up stairs and shouted at all the boys to wake up. "There's a note!  She left a note!  Come see!  Lads?  Come on!" I watched Niall come out of his room
"What the hell mate?  I'm trying to sleep!"
"Look at this!"  I said, showing him the note.  
"Oh Louis, what have we gotten are selves into?" Niall said to me.
One by one I watched all the boys come out of there rooms and read the note.  One by one I watched all the boys faces turn pale and one by one I watched all the boy stare at me.
 And as they exchanged worried looks, one by one, I knew that they were all thinking the same thing,
'What to do?'

Sorry for the short chapter!  Don't worry, there gonna' get longer.  Thanks so much to those who have commented, liked and fav'd, it makes my day!  Please, I would love to know your opinion, so please comment, if you feel it right!


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