Crystal is no normal child. She was found on the doorstep of the house of non other than One Direction! Yes, the british pop sensation. Follow the story of a not so normal girl growing up in the arms of Louis Tommlinson. The story of a girl who is nothing in the ordinary.


6. Eleanor Returns

     My living room is were the boys and I spent most of are time.  It had dark blue walls and three, black leather chair, a wide screen TV, and the phone, were Harry had been seated for the last two hours.  It was six 'o clock, the girl got off at four, so none of us even questioned why he was sitting there.
      Liam had been on the phone with Danielle for the last two hours, Zayn was at Perrie's and Niall was upstairs with the baby.  So, that left me, to be bored.
      "Harry!  Face it, she won't call, let's go for a walk or something!"  Harry glared at me and then looked back at the phone.  I rolled my eyes.  
       suddenly, there was a knock at the door.  I got up and ran to the door.  I was so bored, I would socialize with anyone.  Lucky for me, at the door, was the brown locks and hazel eyes, of my little Eleanor!  I smiled at the sight and embraced her.
        "Your back!"
          "Lou, your suffocating me!"  She said in rough, high pitched voice with little air.  I quickly let go.  She smiled "So, where is this baby you spoke of on the phone the other day?"  I smiled and began to guide her upstairs.  Then, it struck me.  Harry's girl couldn't have phoned because Liam had been on the phone for so long!  
            "Harry, Liam's been on the phone this whole time!  The line was busy."  Anger filled Harry's eyes.
              "Gotta' go, Danielle."  Liam said, all scared.  Harry ran to Liam and tackled him to the ground.  I laughed and Eleanor blushed.
               "Wanna' go?"  I asked, she nodded.  We went upstairs to see Niall holding the kid in his arms.  I smiled at the sight.
                    "You weren't lying!"  Eleanor said, in shock.  She looked concerned.  "What do we do now?"  She asked.
               "I should call Paul.  He'll know what to do."   I said.  I didn't want to give her away, but I knew I had to.  I knew I couldn't handle a child at this stage in my life.  "I should do that now."  I said.  As I walked downstairs, Eleanor grabbed my arm.
               "No."  She said.  I had never seen her look so serious.  "You know, it's very lonely for me, when your on tour."  She said.  I knew where this was going.  I knew it could never happen, though.  I was a world wide pop sensation.  Eleanor couldn't have a kid.  Anyway, is that even legal, I don't know how adoption works.
                "Eleanor, you can't. I'll-"  She cut me off.
                 "This isn't about you!" Anger filled her eyes.  She didn't look happy. "If I want to adopt this baby, you don't get a say!  It's my life, not yours.  I don't care if I'm dating a world renown pop star or simple, Louis Tomlinson.  You shouldn't either."

             I sighed, she had a point, but I did too, "Your right Eleanor, but the baby did show up at our door  so, I feel I should get a say in where it goes."

        "And you don't think it would be good in my hands."
        "Eleanor, you just met the kid!  Can we talk about this another time?"  I asked.  She smiled and nodded.  I heard the phone ring. 
      "Finally!"  Harry screamed!  We both giggled. 
      "He met this cashier at the grocery store."  I explained to El.  She nodded and laughed.  "Wanna' ease drop?" I asked.
       "Of course!"  She said.  We walked down the wood steps, into the kitchen.
         "Hi babe!"  Harry said.  I heard a man on the other line.  There was a short pause until Harry said,  "Simon?"  I watched him groan and hang up.
         "Did you just hang up on Simon Cowell?"  I asked.  A look of horror entered Harry's face.
         "Whoops..."  He said.  "Do you think he'll be mad?"  He asked.  I nodded.  By this time Eleanor and Liam were on the floor laughing.  The phone rang again.  Harry gulped.  I smirked and picked up the phone.
        "Hi Simon, here's Harry."  I said, passing him the phone.  Harry flicked it back causing the phone to drop on the floor.  Halfway through the decent, I heard a woman's voice say,

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