Katrina Chase has come from a very rough background. What happens when she runs away and meets the love of her life?


3. New People

Harry's POV


"Oh my, what did you do to yourself?" I asked. There were cuts all over her arm. She was so beautiful, why would she do something like this?

"My life is really tough," she mumbled.

"How?" I asked. I really hope I wasn't pushing it too much. She looked so sensitive. 

"Long story," she muttered.

"I have time," I smiled.

"Well, about 6 years ago, my mother died. I was devastated. I don't have any friends, and she was closest to me. I would tell her everything, but now she's gone. My father was okay for a couple of days after, but then all of a sudden he changed. He ordered me to do everything for him. He wouldn't let me go out anywhere, except for school. I never had any friends and I was always bullied. One day, my father started hurting me. He kicked me, punched me, yelled at me, everything. That's when I started cutting. I couldn't take it anymore so I just ran. I didn't even care where I was going. And I guess I ended up here." She finally finished and I could feel tears in my eyes. I quickly wiped them and looked up at her, giving her a tight hug.

"It's going to be fine," I said.

"No it's not! I'm a wreck!" She explained, and she started crying. 

"Shh, how about you come home with me?" I suggested.

"No, I couldn't possibly do that, I've already bothered you this much," she sighed.

"What?! Then where else are you going to stay? You need to come with me. Now," I demanded.

"Fine," She simple said, getting up. I realized she had no shoes on. She really needed somewhere to stay. And fast. I lead her to the direction of my house. She probably didn't know I was in One Direction, because she wasn't allowed to go anywhere and because she hasn't said anything about it yet.

"Um, harry? You are on that bus station," She said, pointing to the poster of me and the boys.

"Yeah, I know. I'm in a band called One Direction," I explained.

"Oh! That's so cool!" She said, and that was the first time I saw her smile, genuinely. She was so beautiful when she was happy. We finally reached my flat about 10 minutes later. The boys went to the movies. I didn't want to go because we had already gone 2 days ago and I was to lazy.

"Wow! You have a really nice place!" she said, looking around.

"Thanks," I blushed. 

"Do you think I can shower up somewhere? I feel dirty," she asked, then scrunched her nose.

"Oh yeah! Sure! Let me go get you a towel," I said, walking over to the closet.

"Here," I handed her the towel "Thanks," she said.

"Wait, do you have any clothes?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, I do.  packed every single one of my clothes in here," she said, tapping her backpack. 

"How did you fit everything in there?" I asked.

"Well, I only have three outfits, and I washed them everyday. And my school has uniforms," she explained.

"Oh. Okay, well after you take a shower, we are going shopping!" I decided. She rolled her eyes and left to the bathroom. She probably thought I was kidding.


{A/N} Sorry bout the crappy chapter :( I have a writers block and I couldn't think of anything for this fanfic or my other one.... anyway, if you read this, comment 'nandos'.

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