Katrina Chase has come from a very rough background. What happens when she runs away and meets the love of her life?


9. Meeting Eleanor

Kat's POV


Louis was going crazy around the house making sure everything was just perfect. How cute, I thought.  To be honest, these boys have all become my best friends since these past two weeks, but I would kill to have a friend- thats a girl. I heard commotion in the living room so I guessed Eleanor was here. I walked in just in time.

"ELE-BEAR!" Louis yelled.

"LOU-BEAR!" Eleanor ran into Louis' outstretched arms.

"I missed you so much!" Louis pouted.

"I did too. You have no idea,"  They were so cute! I would love to have such a cute relationship. Eleanor hugged and greeted the rest of the boys.

"El, this is Kat, and she's awesome!" Louis gestured to me.

"Hi, Kat! I'm Eleanor. Nice to meet you!" Eleanor grinned.

"Hello, it's so nice to finally meet you. Louis could NOT stop talking about you!" I greeted. Louis pouted. "Heyyy," he dragged. We chatted for a longer time, but she and Louis had to go out on a date. Eleanor and I were getting along really well. She was so kind, and she is hilarious just like Louis. 

"Kat? Can I talk to you for a minute?" Harry asked. Did something bad happen?

"Sure," I followed him into the room. He was looking at the floor with really red cheeks.

"Katrina, listen, the first time I saw you, you were almost broken, and now; you are stronger than ever! That is something many people cant do. You are so, so so, pretty, and you make me smile every second. There is nothing more I want to do than having you in my arms all the time. So, Katrina Chase, will you be my girlfriend?" I was astonished. He liked me? I am definitely not pretty and I surely haven't gained all of my strength since I lived with my dad. But he still liked me? Of all people? 

I was speechless. I took a deep breath before answering. 

"Yes. Yes! Of course I'll be your girlfriend!" I exclaimed. Harry's face lit up and he smiled so genuinely, so beautifully.


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