Katrina Chase has come from a very rough background. What happens when she runs away and meets the love of her life?


7. Feelings

Kat's POV

It was late, and the only ones awake were Harry and I. All of us had been up late, joking around like we had no care in the world. It was getting close to midnight.

"So," Harry started. "You haven't really told me about yourself. I mean; aside from your story,"

"Well, what kind of things do you want me to tell you?" I asked.

"I don't know. Maybe like, what you like or don't like, your favorites," he suggested.

"Okay, so, my favorite color is teal, I love drawing, and I've always wanted to see the world. Not just the whole of U.K, but literally all over. I have always wanted to go scuba diving, or even sky diving! What else.... oh! My favorite food is...." my voice trailed off.

"Is?" Harry lifted up his chin.

"I never- i mean- I haven't -erm, oh forget it," I mumbled.

"Tell me," Harry pleaded, softly.

"I never ate," I blurted. "Aside from school lunches, I wouldn't eat. It's not that I didn't want to, it's just that I could only do stuff for Dave. Everything for Dave. If I tried to sneak food from school into the house, he'd throw it out and give me the consequences."

"That little son of a..." Harry's hands were all balled up, like he wanted to punch a wall or something. But even though he wanted to cut Dave's throat and shove him down train tracks, his eyes still gleamed. He was beautiful. 

Am I falling for him? I wonder what it feels like to be in love... what have I missed?

"Well, I guess we should go to bed now," I stated. "I'll take the couch."

"Hell no you're not!" Harry said. "You get my bed. You are to good for the couch."

"Come on, Harry. I used to sleep on the floor! Sleeping on the couch would be a big plus. Well, for me al least."

"I have an idea then." His eyes lit up.

"What is it?" I asked.

"We both sleep in my bedroom!" he wagged his eyebrows at me.

"Ew no, you perv," I chuckled.

"Aw man," Harry pouted.

"Kiidiiinggg. good idea," I grinned. We both took turns in the bathroom wearing our pajamas and headed to Harry's bedroom. To be honest, it felt really awkward because I've have never slept in the same room as a guy before. We both dived under the warm sheets, exhausted.

"Goodnight, Kat." Harry said.

"Night, Harry," I said. He put his arm around me, reassuringly. Our faces weren't close or anything, but I really felt sparks. I wasn't sleeping, and I sensed Harry wasn't, either.

Could this be the start of something new?



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Stay weird lovelies. xxxx- Kat

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