Katrina Chase has come from a very rough background. What happens when she runs away and meets the love of her life?


8. Breakfast with the Boys

Kat's POV


I threw off the navy comforter of Harry's bed before tying my messy, red hair up. I checked the time. 6:30 AM

That'll give me enough time to do stuff, I thought. I made my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth and shower up. Here's what I wore:       {http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=73481138 }

After I dressed up, I made my way to the gym that the guys had in their house. I never really worked out, but I wanted to keep a healthy lifestyle. I worked on jumping rope, leg workouts and aerobics. I finished 45 minutes later, and still no one seemed to be up. I thought I'd make breakfast. I grabbed pancake batter from the refrigerator and quietly took out a pan from one of the cabinets. The boys are letting me stay here, so I might as well make them pancakes. I got into the swing of things after making about 13 or 14 pancakes.

"I SMELL PANCAKES!" I probably leaped 2 million feet in the air.

"Niall, you scared me!" I scolded. "You might wake the other boys up!"

"Sowwy, Kat," Niall pouted. "Oh, I didn't wake them up. they're coming,"


"I smell pancakes!" A shirtless Harry said, wagging his eyebrows.

"I made pancakes!" I remarked, mocking his excited tone.

"Kat, you really didn't need to. We would have gone out for breakfast," Liam chuckled.

"No, sir! You guys are already letting me stay here, and plus; I was bored," I explained.

"Katrina these are delicious!" Louis exclaimed, stuffing his face. Niall vigorously nodded in agreement.

"Thanks," I grinned.

Harry's POV


Kat was so sweet. She probably woke up mad early, and she made pancakes just for us! I had really started to like her, and the only person I've told is Liam. Because he is the only one I could trust without getting pranked. I am really hesitant to ask her out because she might not be ready for it, but Liam told me to go for it.

"OH YEAH!"Louis screamed. We all stared at him. "Kat, El is coming this afternoon. I can't wait for you to meet her!"

"Really? I can't wait to see her!" Kat smiled. The weather was beautiful today. The sun was shining, and you couldn't spot even one cloud in the sky. It was also surprisingly warm.

"You guys want to go swimming?" I asked. We had a rater large pool in the back of our house.

"I'll float around or something, I guess," Zayn shrugged.

"I'm up for it!" Liam said.

"So am I," Kat said.

"Me too," Niall muttered with pancakes stuffed in his mouth. Louis raised his hand, signaling he was good with that idea. We all got up and left our plates in the sink, then went to our rooms to go change. I had bought Kat a bathing suit when we went to the mall the other day, and she really seemed to like it. She was so unselfish, when we were at the mall, she told me she would get a job and pay me back every euro spent. I obviously told her not to, but she just ignored me. 

      I was speechless when she walked out the bathroom door. The bathing suit fit her perfectly, and her beautiful, long red hair flowing down her back made her even more hot. She blushed when she saw me staring at her. I could tell she was embarrassed.

"You look beautiful," I told her.

"Thanks," she breathed. I was already not wearing a shirt, so I just needed to take off my pants and slip on my swim trunks. The boys were waiting for us as we headed out.

"Woah, Kat! You sure do look smexy," Zayn winked.

"Save it for Perrie," Kat teased. Zayn stuck his tongue out.

"Lets gooo!" Niall said, jogging to the to the backyard, whee the pool is. We all followed him in a line that would annoy third grade teachers. We all jumped in while Zayn wandered off to the side.

"Harry! WATCH OUT!" Liam yelled.

"Wha-" I was cut off by a humungous splash.

"Louis! What is wrong with you?!" I scolded.

"I was just trying to have fun, Haz," Louis pouted.


We fooled around at the pool for at least 1 more hour when Louis went crazy.

"ELEANOR IS GONNA BE HERE IN ONE HOUR EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE RIGHT NOW!" he rushed inside. Boy, was he excited. We all grabbed our towels and headed straight to the showers.


[A/N] Do you like it so far? Idk how Harry is going to ask Kat to be his gf so if you have any ideas comment below please! If not, my kik is @greatbigneonbow

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