Meant To Be

*one direction not a band* Hannah has just moved to England, going to a new school she has to make new friends. She soon finds out that her cousin Liam goes to her school. Harry, one of Liam's friends automatically falls in love with Hannah. But will the summer tear them apart when Hannah has to go visit her dad in Canada? Are they meant to be?


15. King of Breakfast

Hannah's P.O.V.

*QUACK QUACK QUACK* I got up and shut my off my alarm on my phone, yes my alarm is a duck, don't ask. I sat up in bed and realized my curly haired boyfriend was no longer beside me. The scent of bacon and pancakes filled the air, so I got out of bed and made my way downstairs.

There stood Harry at the stove, flipping pancakes. I went and stood beside him, "Goodmorning, what's all this for?", I asked. "Well it's our first night together at my house so I wanted to make it extra special and make you breakfast" "Aw Haz you don't have to, I would be satisfied with a bowl of Cheerios",I said and he laughed. Then Anne came downstairs,"Oh you lucky girl, Harry making you brerakfast< never does that for me. He's the king of breakfast!" I looked at him and smiled,"Is that so?", I said. "Well I'm not going to lie...yes!", he said laughing. We sat down and ate our breakfast, it was truly the best I've ever had!

After we finished eating, we got ready and left for school. When we were in his car 'Ho Hey' came on the radio and he turned the volume waaay up! "I like this song", I tell him. "Me too", he says smiling. The whole way to school we sang along to every song that came on, it was halarious.

The rest of the school week went by like usual, Harry walked me to every class even though I now knew my way around the school. And he picked me up every morning and drove me home.



*hey guys sorry for the short chapter, ive been busy lately. the next chapter will be longer i promise! love u, thank u for reading<3*

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