Meant To Be

*one direction not a band* Hannah has just moved to England, going to a new school she has to make new friends. She soon finds out that her cousin Liam goes to her school. Harry, one of Liam's friends automatically falls in love with Hannah. But will the summer tear them apart when Hannah has to go visit her dad in Canada? Are they meant to be?


5. Friends Finally!

Hannah's P.O.V.

After he had walked me to my locker and i put my books away, we started walking to the cafeteria. He guided me to a table which i assumed that's where his friends were sitting.

At the table there was 4 guys and 2 girls. Liam and i sat down with everyone looking at me with a confused look on their faces, then Liam said,"Guys i would like you to meet HannahnSkye, my cousin she's new here and it's her first day so she's sitiing with us." I smiled, i didn't know what to say so i just said 'hi'. I had to admit that i am a preety shy person around new people.

A boy with brown curly hair and beautiful green eyes was the first to speak to me,"Hello Hannah i'm Harry, it's lovely to meet you." He was stunning i couldn't take my eyes off him. He just looked so...perfect.

"Hi Harry.", i said awkwardly, this probably isn't the best impression i'm giving him.

Harry's P.O.V.

She was the most beautiful girl i had ever seen. And somehow she was different than the rest of them. ihad never felt this way about a girl before.

Hannah's P.O.V.

"Hi Hannah, i'm Louis! It's an honour to meet you i shall call you carrot princess." He said then stood up out of his seat and bowed to me! It was weird but cute and funny at the same time. "Well hello Louis and i shall call you Lou." i said with a smile and a wink. Everyone laughed, it finally felt like i belonged somewhere, here.

Liam turned and whispered in my ear,"See they already love you." Ijust smiled. Just then the boy with the black hair and high cheekbones spoke to me,"I'm Zayn", his voice was so delicate and rough, almost angel-like.

"Hi Zayn, I love the hair." I laughed and since he was beside me i reached over to touch his hair, but he grabbed my hand while saying,"Nobody touches the hair!" We both laughed then he pointed to the blonde haired girl beside him "and this is my girlfriend Taylor". "Hi Taylor it's nice to meet you" "Hey you to, and be careful with Zayn he acts like a girl when it comes to his hair!", she said with a smirk and everyone laughed; but Zayn just blushed becasue he knew it was true.

"And i'm Niall!", the cute blonde boy said smiling at me. i could tell that he was irish because of his accent. "Hi Niall", i said smiling.

"Hey guys sorry i'm late! Who's this?", a girl with long brown wavy hair asked pointing to me while smiling. She was very pretty. "I'm Hannah Skye, Liam's cousin. It's my first day here." "Hi Hannah, I'm Nadire!", she smiled and suprised me with a quick hug. Then Harry added,"Hannah, Nadire is my sister."

We sat talking and gigling through lunch. Then when we finished Liam and i stood up. We said goodbye because i wanted to get to class early and Liam said he would walk me there. Then Harry jumped up and said to Liam,"Uh Liam don't worry about walking Hannah to class, I'd be happy to." he then turned to me,"If you don't mind?" His smile gave me goosebumps,"That'd be great, I'd love you to Harry thanks." "Anytime" And we walked out of the cafeteria.

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